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Large Vans

Volkswagen Crafter
  • Good loaded performance; Loads of interior comfort and practicality; Flexibility through the various options

  • Low gearing yields high revs on the highway; Some additional standard inclusions would be nice; Rear-view camera should definitely be standard

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Enough technology to put many non-commercial vehicles to shame; Performs well laden and unladen; Surprisingly easy to drive

  • No blind-spot monitoring or rear-view camera; 4x4 option is both expensive and limited in use; Some optional equipment should be standard

Ford Transit
  • Passive and active safety features; Improved infotainment system; Torquey and refined diesel engine; Long servicing intervals; Keen pricing considering the features

  • Touchscreen's slightly awkward placement; FWD-only auto versions have reduced towing capacity, gross combination mass, and fuel tank capacity that trail the RWD-only manual 350L model

Iveco Daily
  • Massive payload and towing capacity potential; more off-road capable than just about anything else out there; relatively easy to drive on-road; a few creature comforts inside

  • Feels very tippy from the driver's seat off-road; some on-road bumps feel harsh; can work out to be expensive;

Renault Master
  • Has more space than you'll likely ever need – unless you've got 13 people; Strong diesel-auto drivetrain makes light work of weight; Drives much smaller than it is; Great value for the purpose; Long service intervals

  • Automated manual gearbox can be jerky at times; Not the smoothest ride in the back over bad roads; No airbag protection in the back; No active safety stuff, even as an option