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4WD Utes

Ford Ranger
  • Drives like a crossover SUV around town; Ride, handling and engine refinement; Cabin layout and infotainment; Still looks suitably macho, which matters

  • Expensive, though discounts are gettable; No telescopic steering column adjustment; Downmarket cabin plastic trim; Active safety aids cost extra

Volkswagen Amarok
  • Ride both unladen and laden is excellent; Cabin design and finish is the best in the segment by some margin; Incredible value at this price point

  • No second row airbags or active safety kit available; Rear-view camera doesn't have the clarity we'd like; Second row seating doesn't offer as much legroom as the segment leaders

Holden Colorado
  • Better equipped for off-roading; Effective stability/traction control calibration; Strong AP Racing brakes; SportsCat+’s clever decoupling anti-roll bar; SportsCat+ looks especially tough; Hard tonneau’s integrated rails, soft-dropping tailgate

  • No extra engine performance; Quicker steering would be welcome; Still not exactly fun to drive; Cabin upgrades could have gone further

Toyota HiLux
  • Driving away from your dealer with high-grade accessories fitted clearly holds appeal; Reasonable price impost for what you get; Still among the best 4x4-ready utes; Massive dealer network to tap into

  • Clearly won't be bespoke enough for some; 193kg weight increase, unchanged GVM; Familiar HiLux issues like occasionally unsettled unladen ride and forehead-threatening rear grab handles

Mitsubishi Triton
  • Value for money; Cabin refinement; Infotainment; Super-Select II 4WD system

  • Somewhat unsettled ride; no 3.5t towing ceiling; Narrow tray; Glamorous as baggy cargo shorts