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Upper-Large SUVs Under $100k

Toyota Landcruiser
  • Value for money is hard to beat if you can't afford the GXL; Toughness off-road is part of the GX portfolio; Engine feels a little more spritely with a manual gearbox

  • Lack of standard off-road tech jars with the focus of the GX; Price has been reduced, but could still be a little cheaper; Infotainment is again a niggling issue regardless of specification

Nissan Patrol
  • Solid as a house and loaded with classic 4x4 charm; outward visibility; comfortable for its years; long range

  • Showing its age in equipment and cabin design; engine and transmissions likewise due for retirement; bounce-about ride at low speeds

Upper-Large SUVs Over $100k

Range Rover
  • Whisper quiet electric drive fits the Range Rover brief; four-cylinder engine actually copes well on its own; cabin ambience and build quality defines luxury

  • Petrol engine can be noisy and thrashy higher in the rev range; price won't encourage more people to buy it than other models; electric-only range isn't quite far enough

Mercedes-Benz G
  • Will go almost anywhere; will carry almost anything; ADF contract means long-time spare and support; idiot proof 4WD adventuring; undeniably cool

  • Capability doesn’t come cheap; minimal towing ability; cab-chassis means cab-chassis, you need to add the body; driving up steps in town may create unwanted attention

Bentley Bentayga
  • The craftsmanship inside feels bespoke; Powerhouse new twin-turbo V8 is a masterclass piece of engineering with huge power reserves; Active roll bars are brilliant; Astonishing levels of refinement

  • Looks are still polarising; Central infotainment screen is small by today's standards

Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • Plenty of cabin space and comfort, despite second row not being as spacious as we'd like; street presence ensures it makes a statement; diesel engine is the pick of the range

  • We don't think it is the S-Class of SUVs; ride can be a little stiff around town with some body roll; cosmetic upgrades might jar with some buyers who wanted more expansive changes

Lexus LX570
  • Big on space, comfort and features; All the latest safety tech; Refinement, super-smooth V8 with sufficient power to haul this unit; It can tow 3500kg; Proper third-row seats; Off-road lineage is unquestionable

  • You're not buying it for its looks; Lexus persists with its unfriendly mouse-like infotainment controller; There's no getting around its heavy fuel consumption – though there's a diesel option about to lob