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Upper-Large SUVs Under $100k

Toyota Landcruiser
  • Likeable and unique in its antiquity; Gutsy diesel V8 with torque everywhere; Twin lockable diffs means it's very good off-road

  • Lacking almost all safety and convenience features most cars have at this pricepoint; Interior is devoid of technology; Unrefined, top-heavy ride

Nissan Patrol
  • Tows effortlessly thanks to the engine and gearbox combination; chassis is unaffected by the weight behind; interior comfort and ride quality over long distances is exceptional

  • Infotainment doesn't match the best available from the Nissan stable; despite the efficiency of the petrol engine, no diesel might deter some; a better rear-view camera would make a big difference when towing

Upper-Large SUVs Over $100k

Range Rover
  • Classy interior now enhanced with high-tech displays; Smooth, torquey V6 diesel; Predominantly comfortable ride, even on 21-inch wheels; Genuine off-road capability; Third-row option

  • Not as dynamic to drive as the Cayenne; Handling aids optional on SDV6; Lacking features compared with new X5; Rear cabin space not vast

Mercedes-Benz G
  • Will go almost anywhere; will carry almost anything; ADF contract means long-time spare and support; idiot proof 4WD adventuring; undeniably cool

  • Capability doesn’t come cheap; minimal towing ability; cab-chassis means cab-chassis, you need to add the body; driving up steps in town may create unwanted attention

Bentley Bentayga
  • Looks better; Smarter UI and connectivity; More cabin space

  • Still not a beauty; Less athletic than newer rivals

Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • Plenty of tech and equipment packed in; Genuinely useful interior space in all three rows; Absolutely effortless performance

  • Some sub-par finishing touches; Supersized dimensions limit urban practicality; Jittery ride on standard air suspension

Lexus LX570
  • Adjustable suspension for easy access; The sheer level of standard equipment; All three rows are well served on the comfort front; Comprehensive off-road capabilities

  • Weak brakes require more pedal pressure; Fiddly, imprecise infotainment control can be frustrating; No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto; Body can feel top-heavy when cornering