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Upper-Large Cars Under $100k

Chrysler 300
  • Stupendous engine and exhaust note; tactile engine that works nicely with new eight-speed automatic; 300 SRT model jam packed with features.

  • One of the thirstiest performance sedans on the market; audible drone at highway speeds and feels heavy through corners.

Upper-Large Cars Over $100k

Porsche Panamera
  • The Swiss Army knife of do-it-all Porsche variants; Outrageous performance for a big wagon; Hybrid efficiency in a natural driving experience; Slick looks (to taste); High-class execution

  • High-performance handling a bit short on actual sportiness; Still not a bona-fide five-door 911 experience; Dedicated four-seating will limit its appeal for some buyers

Mercedes-Benz S500
  • Stunning design, works better as a convertible than a coupe; S500 is all you need in a car like this; effortless power and fingertip driving ease

  • Long wheelbase means some rattles over harsher bumps; aircon can't quite cope with Australian summer temps; you had better start saving...

BMW 7 Series
  • Beautifully refined diesel engine and automatic gearbox; whisper quiet cabin with a sense of luxury; driver-focused handling but retains comfortable bump absorption

  • Some of the options are expensive; gesture control works but isn't really needed; SWB models aren't as expansive in the second row as some buyers will expect

Audi A8
  • Lots of great new tech; Simple, clean, welcoming interior design; All-wheel steering helps in the city, tight spaces

  • Conservative exterior; AI and related tech missing from Aussie models

Jaguar XJ
  • Incredibly potent performance from a supercar-esque supercharged V8; Looks the part with a number of SVO-specific colours; Features a snarl befitting of a fast Jaguar

  • Released in 2009, the XJ is starting to show its age; While the noise is great, we were hoping for more bark from the big V8