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People Movers Under $60k

Kia Carnival
  • Styling looks premium and nothing like a minibus of old; Cabin storage, layout and comfort are the best in the business; Petrol engine is genuinely fuel-efficient if you're not always in traffic

  • We'd love the same standard safety inclusions as the top of the range model; Can be a little thirsty in heavy traffic exclusively; If you're stepping up from a small SUV, you will need to get used to the size

Volkswagen Multivan
  • Retro styling is a winner; Flexible seating plans; Plenty of room for passengers; Nicely appointed interior

  • Rough and tumble ride can't hide delivery van origins; Misses out on safety tech; Not much usable boot space; Annoying engine braking from the DSG

Honda Odyssey
  • Big, plush and comfortable inside; Improved safety credentials; Like a limo in the second row; Premium presentation on a budget

  • Absolutely terrible ride/handling; Still short on potential interior versatility; Engine struggles with a full load

Hyundai iMax
  • Extra equipment; vast cabin; diesel engine; decent handling for a van; ownership costs

  • Four airbags; diesel's price premium; tough but austere cabin

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
  • Appealing French funkiness; Very cleverly packaged and flexible interior space; Comfy urban and long-haul country tourer; Decent value pitch

  • No AEB a deal-breaker for some; Petrol powertrain is workmanlike; French quirks won't be to everyone's tastes

People Movers Over $60k

Mercedes-Benz Valente
  • Vast cabin with eight adult-sized seats; ample diesel torque and intuitive seven-speed auto; good refinement considering its van roots; decent luggage space

  • Missing some key standard equipment such as sat-nav and reverse-view camera; low-fi infotainment; seat adjustment not as simple as it ought to be; scarcely any cupholders