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People Movers Under $60k

Kia Carnival
  • Long list of safety features and creature comforts; all rows are well catered for with regards to storage, space and air-conditioning; six-speed automatic transmission is intuitive

  • Has a tendency to spin the wheels when not loaded up; lacking low-down torque; thirsty around town

Volkswagen Multivan
  • Arguably most practical van on the market for families; retro but not kitsch in its application; good to drive and nice to be in

  • Some low-speed hesitation from the drivetrain; seats can be a bit heavy to move; not cheap

Honda Odyssey
  • Interior space and versatility impressed more and more; comfort and ergonomics; family practicality with storage space

  • We never got used to the smartphone-based navigation system; unladen ride is choppy; front doors really are too low to the kerb for a lot of gutters

Hyundai iMax
  • Extra equipment; vast cabin; diesel engine; decent handling for a van; ownership costs

  • Four airbags; diesel's price premium; tough but austere cabin

Citroen Grand C4
  • Loaded with standard features found optional on many others; Active safety kit aplenty; A beautifully appointed and comfortable interior; Quiet and supple ride quality

  • No airbags for third row a big letdown; Cargo space very limited with three rows in use; Quirky ergonomics take some getting used to (okay, we're nitpicking)

People Movers Over $60k

Mercedes-Benz Valente
  • Vast cabin with eight adult-sized seats; ample diesel torque and intuitive seven-speed auto; good refinement considering its van roots; decent luggage space

  • Missing some key standard equipment such as sat-nav and reverse-view camera; low-fi infotainment; seat adjustment not as simple as it ought to be; scarcely any cupholders