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Medium SUVs Under $60k

Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Excellent blend of practicality and fun; Slick instrument display and personalisation options; Punchy engine and clever AWD system R-Line pack looks neat!

  • Gets a bit pricey when you add all the goodies; Ride still firm in comfort setting

Honda CR-V
  • Reduces seven-seat CR-V entry price; Retains leather seats, three-row A/C vents; Back doors open nearly 90 degrees; Excellent fuel economy; Well-calibrated ride comfort; Standard full-size spare wheel

  • Second-row head room could be better; Boot space smaller than five-seat CR-V; Dreary CVT hurts performance; Absence of driver-assistance safety tech; 10,000km servicing intervals

Toyota RAV4
  • Affordable running and servicing costs; Cabin is up there with the best in terms of storage and space; Drive modes make this the most capable RAV4

  • Hybrid is obviously significantly more fuel-efficient day to day; Only one trim grade with this engine/trans’ combo; Buy-in price is the most expensive in the RAV4 range

Kia Sportage
  • Spacious cabin; Long list of standard features; Light clutch; Full-size spare wheel

  • Manual doesn't make sense in the city; Not enough power down low; Elbow rest is hard plastic

Hyundai Tucson
  • Now gets AEB as standard; Solid on-road manners; Compelling drive-away pricing; Wheels now 18s

  • Price hike negates 'value' benefit; Lacks Elite/Highlander safety credentials; Powertrain a bit lacklustre

Medium SUVs Over $60k

  • Poised and adjustable handling balance; Big fun on the right roads; Plenty of room in the rear; Straddles 'everyday' and 'exceptional' very well

  • Harsh ride; Interior short of what $160K demands; Still no better than the outgoing M3

Audi Q5
  • Plenty of grunt from the V6 turbo-diesel; Adaptive air suspension a treat; Brimming with standard safety features

  • Merest hint of turbo lag from standstill; Infotainment now a generation behind; Lack of touchscreen is counterintuitive to smartphone mirroring

Volvo XC60
  • Impressive fuel economy and electric-only driving range; Ohlins suspension and Akebono brakes give this proper performance cred; Loaded with standard equipment and features

  • Not quite as dynamic as its competitive set; Brake pedal feel could be better; Lacks the noise and drama of its peers

Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Torquey engine and fluent auto on the go; Good back seat and boot space; Light steering makes parking/tight spaces a breeze; Vastly improved infotainment

  • Urban fuel consumption; Infotainment seems to struggle with Aussie accents; Alarmingly floppy ride control; Second-gear starts slow progress; Creaky interior plastics

Porsche Macan
  • 2.9 biturbo character and soundtrack; Enticing price; Well-rounded sporty appeal

  • Muted performance; Hamstrung by weight; Not a huge 'sporty' leap