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Medium SUVs Under $60k

Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Excellent blend of practicality and fun; Slick instrument display and personalisation options; Punchy engine and clever AWD system R-Line pack looks neat!

  • Gets a bit pricey when you add all the goodies; Ride still firm in comfort setting

Honda CR-V
  • Beautifully absorbent ride; Handy added seating capacity; Long list of standard equipment

  • Third row too small for regular use; Lacks advanced safety equipment; Pedestrian CVT auto

Ford Escape
  • Plenty of equipment for the money; Optional safety pack is a must-have at just $1300; Really good to drive; Steers and handles better than many other SUVs in the class; Infotainment is top notch

  • Diesel engine can be sluggish at times; Drivetrain eager to go for high gears to save fuel, but isn't frugal in reality; Not as big as some rivals in the second row or boot areas

Kia Sportage
  • Willing performance; Well-sorted ride and handling; Spacious inside without being bulky outside

  • Basic cabin presentation; Auto hunts with cruise set; Not the same sharp value of petrol models

Hyundai Tucson
  • Great looks inside and out; Superb cabin comfort, good ride and handling; Heaps of standard features; Decent warranty and low service costs; Good load space

  • It's slow going with this engine; Noisy too when you need to climb a hill; It's not exactly cheap despite 2WD

Medium SUVs Over $60k

  • Excellent dynamics; More than adequate powertrain, even on the base model; 30d and 30i variants ideal for those that have a clean licence; First-rate driver technology; Interior fit and finish; Practicality and spaciousness

  • Ride is a tad on the firm side for some; Options, options, and just when you thought it was over, a few more options

Audi Q5
  • Excellent powertrain; Class-leading performance; Great interior and infotainment system; Ideal highway cruiser; Plenty of room in the second row and boot; Great range of standard safety

  • Conservatively styled; Diesel engine noise surprisingly noticeable; Interior feels a generation behind compared to upcoming Audi sedans

Volvo XC60
  • The design and aesthetics are superb; Overflowing with tech; And brimming with safety; Refined diesel drivetrain; Matched by a refined ride

  • Small boot space; Infotainment can be fiddly to use; Expensive servicing costs; Warranty looks lacklustre now

Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Looks and feels premium for the price; Not as impractical as you might first expect based on its swoopy roofline; Lots of safety kit and handy surround-view camera system is standard

  • Poor rear vision from the driver's seat due to plunging roof-line; Ride can be wallowy in Comfort mode; Not as sporty to drive as it looks

Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • External styling looks different and premium; Plenty of room for four adults and luggage in five-seat guise; Flat load floor makes the luggage space easy to access

  • Infotainment and connectivity can't match the segment leaders; Cabin doesn't quite feel as premium as the price indicates; Stop/start system is way too laggy for a luxury vehicle like this