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Medium SUVs Under $60k

Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Excellent blend of practicality and fun; Slick instrument display and personalisation options; Punchy engine and clever AWD system R-Line pack looks neat!

  • Gets a bit pricey when you add all the goodies; Ride still firm in comfort setting

Honda CR-V
  • That second row requires no compromise, even for taller passengers; Comfortable, practical equipment touches abound in the airy cabin; Boot is large, versatile and easily configured

  • CVT drone and turbo lag can sap the fun from driving; Infotainment and digital displays are basic; Urban fuel economy is higher than some (but not untenable)

Toyota RAV4
  • Excellent hybrid driveline is entirely stress free; Plenty of equipment in Cruiser specification; Sensible in every way

  • Were the gloss-black wheels the best way to denote a Hybrid?; Sao's used to be our favouirte snack - not very exciting are they...

Kia Sportage
  • Lengthy safety and driver assist equipment list makes for ultra-comfortable road trips; Medium-sized footprint provides best of both worlds in urban areas; Suspension is comfortable and composed

  • Feels underpowered uphill and at freeway speeds; A lot of the highlights are exclusive to the GT-Line grade; Rear visibility could be better

Hyundai Tucson
  • New styling is sharp and eye-catching; Interior quality and ergonomics are excellent; Cabin insulation and refinement are exceptional

  • Lower grades miss out on some inclusions that should be standard; 2.0-litre NA petrol engine won't be the pick; Prices have crept up across the range

Medium SUVs Over $60k

  • Premium digital displays that are endlessly configurable; Visibility is excellent with airy, light-filled back seat and expansive (optional) sunroof; A really practical, comfortable everyday cabin with some versatility

  • Engine can feel like it's lacking when you need some oomph; Engine drone and vibrations can sap the fun factor out of driving; Can look a little bland inside and out once you cover up the BMW badges

Audi Q5
  • Refined and eager diesel engine; Supple and comfortable ride; Plenty of standard equipment

  • New touchscreen can be fiddly to use on the move; Lacklustre three-year warranty; Servicing costs a touch on the high side

Volvo XC60
  • Impressive fuel economy and electric-only driving range; Ohlins suspension and Akebono brakes give this proper performance cred; Loaded with standard equipment and features

  • Not quite as dynamic as its competitive set; Brake pedal feel could be better; Lacks the noise and drama of its peers

Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Better value than the regular petrol version; Plug-in hybrid tech recovers and uses energy well; Standard air suspension suits our terrain

  • Ownership suited to those with covered parking; It feels every part of 2.1 tonnes; Too many will overlook it, or simply won't be aware of its benefits

Porsche Macan
  • V6 engine and seven-speed DCT are a sensational match; Ride and handling balance is near perfect; GTS specification delivers style and elegance

  • Some electronic safety should be standard; Luggage space is tight if you need to carry larger gear; Console will benefit from updated design