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Medium Cars Under $60k

Volkswagen Passat
  • Stylish looks; Impressive storage and cabin space; Interior looks and feels premium; Impressive road manners; 4MOTION AWD system works well on the rough stuff

  • Infotainment a tad complicated; Typical DSG hesitancy in traffic; Manoeuvre Braking Assist over-eager to engage; Could ride a little higher

Mazda 6
  • Enhanced value proposition; solid standard equipment list; roomy and comfortable; class-leading handling

  • Engine lacks low-end shove, noisy under load; auto can be lazy at times; tyre noise; MZD Connect a like it or lump it affair

Subaru Liberty
  • Excellent (expanded) suite of driver-aid tech; Improved connectivity; Smart-looking cabin; Strong engine with effective CVT; Build quality

  • Bouncy country ride; Gluggy steering; Thirsty six-cylinder; Expensive servicing

  • The practicality and space of a wagon; Mean looks speak of intent; Plenty powerful to hustle along; And plenty comfortable to carry the family; Infotainment system a dream to use; Loaded with safety kit

  • Lacks the noise to match its character; And that noise is piped into the cabin... Boo; Sharp hits can unsettle it; Starting to get pricey

Kia Optima
  • Stylish new look; impressive list of standard inclusions in the entry level Si; premium feel to the interior; spacious cabin

  • Cloth seats feel a little firm; the raised tyre impression on the boot floor is clunky and looks messy

Medium Cars Over $60k

Audi A4
  • Stylish, well equipped and well appointed, so much so it feels like good value; very clever and easy-to-use driver tech; practical and fun to drive

  • Front seats could use more support, as long-distance driving is what this car is for; a few ergonomic issues and infotainment glitches; thirstier than advertised

BMW 3 Series
  • Amazing room in the back; Practical hatchback is very convenient; Great engine and driveline; Lovely interior detailing

  • High roof and 'squashed X6' design not to all tastes; Hefty price premium over 330i sedan; Longer wheelbase not as dynamic as other 3 Series

Mercedes-Benz C250
  • Classy AMG-enhanced exterior styling; properly sports-infused cabin and seats; oodles of engine punch; impressive fuel economy

  • Engine not terribly sporting in character; ditto the transmission; more grand tourer than corner carver; punchier and smoother 350d version not offered in Oz

Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Excellent dynamics; Beautifully quiet at highway speeds; Sumptuous interior; Alfa-ness in spades

  • Engine note a little on the quiet side; Lacks smartphone mirroring tech; Scheduled servicing costs expensive; Thirsty for fuel; Tight back row

Jaguar XE
  • A sharp looking alternative to big German brands; Great engine, even at this entry level; Fantastic balance and excellent handling characteristics; InControl Touch Pro a great media system

  • Still a bit thirsty for our tastes; Still off the pace in terms of cabin materials; Why isn't ICTP standard?!