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Medium Cars Under $60k

Toyota Camry
  • Fantastic fuel efficiency; Nice design touches inside and out; Quiet and comfortable on the road

  • Some basic safety tech should be standard; Dated native infotainment interface; Paucity of charging options for devices

Volkswagen Passat
  • Wolfsburg brings a big extras list for a small premium; Strong and efficient engine; Excellent road manners; Capable AWD system; Good towing capacity; Classy, practical interior

  • Ground clearance could be higher for an all-roader wagon; Comfort mode’s floaty ride and slow engine response; DSG still not the perfect automatic gearbox; Some interior-quality inconsistencies

Mazda 6
  • Assured handling and comfortable ride; Turbo petrol’s mid-range muscle; Atenza cabin looks upmarket; 6’s improved road noise; Equipment level lives up to Atenza’s ‘range-topper’ status

  • Some similarly priced wagons have bigger boots; Older Mazda infotainment system; 6 not as engaging to steer as previous generations; Performance comes with a fuel-economy penalty

Hyundai Sonata
  • Excellent road manners; Better cabin design and layout; Metal-for-money equation; Hyundai ownership experience

  • Missing active safety tech; Price gap between Active and Premium; Lack of hybrid

Subaru Liberty
  • Excellent (expanded) suite of driver-aid tech; Improved connectivity; Smart-looking cabin; Strong engine with effective CVT; Build quality

  • Bouncy country ride; Gluggy steering; Thirsty six-cylinder; Expensive servicing

Medium Cars Over $60k

BMW 3 Series
  • Spacious and versatile boot; Punchy engine performance...; ...but subtle enough to live with as a daily drive; Impressive and functional technology

  • A few small trim items let the overall presentation down; Abrupt start/stop system; Fidgety urban ride

Mercedes-Benz C200
  • Quiet cabin at highway speeds; Mild hybrid technology offers a new tech dimension for the C-Class; Infotainment upgrade overdue and welcome; Economical in and around the city

  • Over 10 per cent weight increase due to 48V mild hybrid components; Three-year warranty only; COMAND infotainment system not as good as its competitors

Audi A4
  • More muscular appearance thanks to wholesale body changes; Nicely balanced handling and ride; Engaging and pert performance, even in lowest tune

  • New infotainment screen can be distracting; Slim three-year warranty; Some key safety tech only available as an option

Jaguar XE
  • Excellent ride comfort; Fantastic steering and agile handling; Punchy and refined engine; Improved infotainment system

  • Average rear-seat leg room; Small boot for the class; Wireless charging and blind spot should be standard; Limited line-up and V6 gone

Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Visibility, cabin space and comfort are unexpectedly expansive for a sports car; Race mode is a very special kind of insanity; The engine sounds fantastic, but can be appropriately demure for city driving

  • Even with all traction control on, the tyres skate all over the road when manoeuvring at low speeds; Fuel consumption is high (but that’s to be expected to a certain degree); Alfa Romeo’s infotainment system and displays lack the premium, advanced feel of its rivals