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Medium Cars Under $60k

Toyota Camry
  • Spacious and well presented inside; Creamy-smooth V6 engine; Loaded with safety tech; Manageable capped-price servicing

  • Behind the times on infotainment tech; Dash intrudes on passenger knee room; Dithering eight-speed auto spoils refinement; Could be more frugal by modern standards

Volkswagen Passat
  • Wolfsburg brings a big extras list for a small premium; Strong and efficient engine; Excellent road manners; Capable AWD system; Good towing capacity; Classy, practical interior

  • Ground clearance could be higher for an all-roader wagon; Comfort mode’s floaty ride and slow engine response; DSG still not the perfect automatic gearbox; Some interior-quality inconsistencies

Mazda 6
  • Turbocharged engine; Smooth ride; Rear heated seats; Nice cabin touchpoints

  • Needs an infotainment update; Thirsty around town; Sport mode is less than inspiring

Hyundai Sonata
  • Excellent road manners; Better cabin design and layout; Metal-for-money equation; Hyundai ownership experience

  • Missing active safety tech; Price gap between Active and Premium; Lack of hybrid

Ford Mondeo
  • Torque delivery is quick and plentiful; Loaded with safety features, technology and space; Still rides nicely with new larger 19-inch alloy wheels

  • Misses out on advanced matrix LED headlight function; Powershift gearbox can be fussy at low speeds; Titanium wagon only available with diesel engine

Medium Cars Over $60k

Mercedes-Benz C200
  • Quiet cabin at highway speeds; Mild hybrid technology offers a new tech dimension for the C-Class; Infotainment upgrade overdue and welcome; Economical in and around the city

  • Over 10 per cent weight increase due to 48V mild hybrid components; Three-year warranty only; COMAND infotainment system not as good as its competitors

Audi A4
  • Lots of sheetmetal change to enhance appearance; Techy new infotainment format; Adaptive Comfort suspension improves ride-handling balance

  • MMI Touch more distracting to use; Surprise-free on-road experience; Stop-start coasting feature of little real-world benefit

Volkswagen Arteon
  • Eye-catching exterior design; Cavernous rear seat; Liftback practicality; Strong engine and great traction; Keen turn-in; Loaded with technology and features

  • Conventional auto would be a better fit; Throttle response can be found wanting; Solid rather than sparkling dynamics; Interior design needs more flair; HUD execution

BMW 3 Series
  • Sharp looks; Luxurious cabin; Swathes of tech; Punchy and characterful 2.0-litre turbo; Sharp dynamics

  • Firm ride never really settles; Fuel claim hard to match; Steering could offer more feedback; Infotainment bugs

Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Ferrari-like dynamics; Superb V6 engine with endless torque, excellent dynamics; Amazing ride quality on all surfaces; Engine note; Excellent package when going flat-out; Unique; Not German

  • Transmission can be better; Interior fit and finish not up to German standards; Infotainment a generation behind rivals; Not German