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Large Cars Under $70k

  • Generously proportioned rear seat and boot; Thoughtful little interior touches; Right-sized engine outputs; Near-premium Euro polish

  • Wagons are all but invisible against SUVs; Options packs don't seem too necessary; Claimed fuel consumption seems optimistic

Kia Stinger
  • Strong standard equipment for the price; Roomy and comfortable interior; Balanced all-rounder for more mundane driving

  • Awkward rear entry, egress and visibility; Boot space and utility underdone; The constant knowledge there's a bigger, badder twin-turbo V6

Holden Commodore
  • Excellent around town... ; And equally as adept on long highway runs; Turbo 2.0-litre punchy beyond its small displacement; Excellent nine-speed auto

  • Infotainment not the latest and greatest; No sat-nav; Smartphone mirroring glitchy; Dour cabin;

Large Cars Over $70k

Mercedes-Benz E250
  • Bold new styling; potent new twin-turbo V6; impressive fuel economy; good practicality

  • Overly firm and busy ride; new V6 is too quiet; shorter and narrower than E-Class sedan

BMW 5 Series
  • Excellent interior presentation; Decent outputs and performance from the four-cylinder engine; Commendably comfortable ride

  • Showing signs of age against newer BMWs; Value is hard to quantify against the SUV range; Short warranty shows contempt for customers

Mercedes-Benz CLS
  • Captivating exterior design; Brimming with tech; Proper luxury-car ride comfort; Smooth, quiet engine

  • Compact rear seat; Can’t hide its weight when pushed; Overdue for an infotainment upgrade

Audi A6
  • Driveable, responsive and efficient 180kW petrol engine; Muscular exterior, nice proportions; Admirable ride on standard 19-inch 45-profile Pirelli P Zeros; Superb, elegant interior; Three screens (including Virtual Cockpit display); Lengthy suite of safety features including eight airbags

  • Can’t follow the Q7 into the dusty outback; Not as intimidating as premium SUVs in the booming road-rage space; Boot space (530L) is only okay and not as versatile as an SUV

Jaguar XF
  • Decent performance from the 2.0-litre turbo four; Nice styling touches add a sporty flavour; Comfortable, if not class-leading, ride and handling

  • Thirsty for a four-pot, especially around town; Glitchy Apple CarPlay; Some options that should be standard at this pricepoint