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Large Cars Under $70k

  • Sensational ride quality; Fantastic cabin and cargo area; The perfect balance of all rational requirements for an automobile

  • Styling efforts catered toward the anoraks of this world; Petrol particulate filter is new technology, reliability yet to be proven in our market; There are only 300 of them

Kia Stinger
  • Twin-turbo V6 performance; Seven-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty; Lots of advanced safety tech

  • Two car seats will take up most of the second-row seating; Boot space could be a drawback for family buyers; Short 10,000km service intervals

Holden Commodore
  • True-blue driveline; Sounds tough; Turns heads;

  • Floppy chassis; automatic transmission showing age; heinously expensive nowadays;

Large Cars Over $70k

Mercedes-Benz E250
  • Bold new styling; potent new twin-turbo V6; impressive fuel economy; good practicality

  • Overly firm and busy ride; new V6 is too quiet; shorter and narrower than E-Class sedan

BMW 5 Series
  • Properly luxurious feel inside; Great for low stress, long-distance drives; Driver-assist tech works cleverly and unobtrusively

  • Skimpy rear seat space; Six figures seems like a lot for 135kW; Warranty remains underdone

Mercedes-Benz CLS
  • Captivating exterior design; Brimming with tech; Proper luxury-car ride comfort; Smooth, quiet engine

  • Compact rear seat; Can’t hide its weight when pushed; Overdue for an infotainment upgrade

Audi A6
  • Fantastic handling and all-wheel-drive surety; Comfortable interior front to back; Overall quality and presentation

  • Thirsty on test; Options are dear; Buying one new is a brave move

Jaguar XF
  • Much improved cabin; Refinement; Agile chassis

  • Uninspired four-cylinder engine; Limited model range; Expensive