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Large Cars Under $70k

  • Strong petrol engine offers excellent performance; Dual-clutch auto rewards with snappy shifts; Amazing space on offer in the second row; Huge boot; Lots of clever features in the cabin

  • Some hesitation at low speeds from drivetrain; Not purebred sporty, but sporty enough because there's no RS badge

Kia Stinger
  • V6 version is a potent bit of kit; Handling and ride sublime on fixed damper variants; High-speed composure over bumps; Huge grip at both ends; Comfort and practicality; Brembo brakes hold up even on track; Cabin a step up

  • Adaptive damped versions have busy ride; Both versions need bi-modal exhaust for more noise; It's relatively heavy

Holden Commodore
  • V6 loves to rev and sounds good; Accomplished dynamics; All-wheel-drive traction; Great brakes; Loaded with equipment

  • Performance lags behind rivals, not just old SS; V6’s fuel economy not great; Lack of rear bias for AWD system; Nine-speed auto can falter in faster driving; Plenty of hard cabin plastics (and test car’s dash rattle)

Peugeot 508
  • Diesel engine and six-speed automatic are a great combo; cabin execution and insulation is excellent; pricing is very competitive

  • Cabin storage needs to be better and smarter; visibility fore and aft is compromised by heavy pillars; real world fuel use was heavier than we expected

Large Cars Over $70k

BMW 5 Series
  • Reduced to the same price as the 530i sedan; Versatile driving manners; Superb interior quality/presentation; Practical boot features; Strong, refined engine with ace auto; Loaded with technology

  • Rear leg room good rather than generous; E-Class All Terrain has a much bigger boot; No six-cylinder or xDrive AWD options; Expensive for a four-cylinder

Mercedes-Benz E250
  • Bold new styling; potent new twin-turbo V6; impressive fuel economy; good practicality

  • Overly firm and busy ride; new V6 is too quiet; shorter and narrower than E-Class sedan

Volvo S90
  • Safety boxes pretty much all ticked; torque-rich twin-turbo diesel pulls hard; great traction and control in corners – it's actually quite fun to drive; lovely interior finishes and trim

  • The price is high, and servicing is exxy too; option costs a bit silly, including Apple CarPlay for $300 – come on, Volvo!; no drive modes to choose from

Audi A6
  • Classy, elegant and great looking; good sporty performance; refinement, superb ride quality and seat comfort; excellent fuel economy; lots of standard kit; dynamically strong

  • Some low-down turbo lag

Jaguar XF
  • Visually stunning; Pricing undercuts competitors with a range of engines available; Ride and handling impressive, partly thanks to standard air suspension; Great new technology available, including a huge panoramic glass roof

  • The entry-level four-cylinder petrol is a bit quiet for our liking; There's no potent V6 petrol engine available for those after a sporty drive; Leg-room in the second row can be slightly compromised with front seats pushed back