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2015 Tesla Model S 85 Review

The Tesla Model S has been updated ... well, it has updated itself over the internet. Matt Campbell finds out why the Model S just keeps getting better.

2015 Tesla Model S P85

Being a romantic, I thought I'd let my date choose the venue. Using the Tesla Model S's voice recognition system, I asked shim (I'm not yet sure whether the Model S is a she or a him) to find a restaurant nearby. Using the cellular network and Google Places, the Model S found Enriks Cafe, so we hit the road — in comfortable silence.

Tesla Model S Review

Few cars have made the impact that the Tesla Model S has, and now this luxury EV is available for Australian early adopters...

Tesla Model S road trip – can an electric car do long-distance driving?

We trek more than 1800 kilometres in an all-electric Tesla Model S. Thought it was impossible? Think again.

Tesla Model S Review

The Tesla Model S lives up to the hype and changes the game in a way few other cars manage...

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