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Plenty has happened in the world of car news over the last 24 hours. If you haven't had time to read all the news on, catch up on your way home with Car News Daily, as Mandy Turner reads each news story word-for-word...

Around the Tracks: Cybertruck, Brazil, and Corvette

When we’re not creating it ourselves, the CarAdvice team spends a lot of time finding and consuming motoring content from all over the world. Here’s a handful of the articles, videos and social media posts that most caught our eye last week. Some of them are brand-new, others have been online for a while...

New Tesla Cybertruck window test video shows the glass doesn’t shatter

Tesla boss Elon Musk has released via social media a video showing the Cybertruck’s side glass can withstand a strike from a metal ball, after two windows shattered during an embarrassing demonstration at the vehicle’s unveiling in Los Angeles...

Tesla Cybertruck: Yes, this is it! On sale in US now from $39,900, Australian plans uncertain

Do not adjust your eyes. This is not something from Mad Max or any other science fiction movie. This is the Tesla Cybertruck and it’s fair to say no-one expected it to look like this. Tesla claims it will be the toughest pick-up truck in the world, with a stainless steel body that can handle a 9mm bullet or a hit from a sledge hammer, and comes with super-strength glass...

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