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A smaller Cybertruck will 'probably' come to rival HiLux

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed the electric car maker will "probably" release a smaller version of the Cybertruck overseas, potentially allowing the incoming electric pick-up to compete with popular local offerings like the Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger. In prototype form, the Cybertruck measures roughly 5.4m long, 2m wide and 1...

Tesla's Cybertruck could get an electromagnetic windscreen wiper

A new windscreen wiper design – first patented by Tesla in late 2019 – could make its debut on the upcoming Cybertruck. According to the website InsideEVs, the patent lends itself to the flat windscreen fitted to the sharply-creased Tesla pick-up. Rather than pivoting from a fixed point as with a traditional system, the patented design uses an electromagnetic block that moves horizontally across the entire length of the windshield...

Tesla's Cybertruck could change colour with extreme temperatures

The highly anticipated and controversially-styled Tesla Cybertruck may be able to change colour when heat is applied to the body. According to a story published on electric-car website Electrek, the technique known as 'tempering' could potentially allow owners to choose from a limited range of colours, thanks to the body of the Cybertruck being made of stainless steel...

Tesla Cybertruck won’t be five per cent smaller after all, compact ute could follow

The Tesla Cybertruck is likely going to have many people pulling out their tape measures when it eventually arrives in showrooms, after the boss of the company Elon Musk said the real thing would be five per cent smaller than the concept – only to later clarify it will only be slightly smaller...

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