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Established in 1945, Tata Motors' presence indeed cuts across the length and breadth of India. Over 5.9 million Tata vehicles ply on Indian roads, since the first rolled out in 1954. The Company's manufacturing base in India is spread across Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Pune (Maharashtra), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Sanand (Gujarat) and Dharwad (Karnataka). Following a strategic alliance with Fiat in 2005, it has set up an industrial joint venture with Fiat Group Automobiles at Ranjangaon (Maharashtra) to produce both Fiat and Tata cars and Fiat powertrains. The Company's dealership, sales, services and spare parts network comprises over 3500 touch points; Tata Motors also distributes and markets Fiat branded cars in India.

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Tata Xenon Review

From India with a cheap pricetag, the Tata Xenon promises to offer class competitive credentials...

Tata Xenon Review: Quick drive

The Tata Xenon will aim to offer an unrivalled blend toughness and value when it arrives in October.

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Jaguar Land Rover approaches Geely and BMW for partnership – report

Geely has already bought Lotus and Volvo, invested in Smart, and joined Toyota in partnering with search engine Baidu. Now, if Geely's willing, Jaguar Land Rover could be pencilled into its increasingly full dance card. Bloomberg reports Jaguar Land Rover’s owner, the Tata Group, has approached Geely’s owner, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, to discuss a partnership...

Jaguar Land Rover not for sale: Tata

It’s no secret Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has been having some troubles lately. Even in the light of slowing sales, poor financial results, and Brexit uncertainty, however, corporate parent Tata Motors is sticking with the British brands...

Tata still 'committed' to Jaguar Land Rover despite losses

The chairman of Tata Motors has gone on the record to state the Indian automaker has no plans to sell Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) or discontinue the Jaguar marque. In the third quarter of 2018 the company lost £90 million ($160 million) due to weakness in the Chinese market, local Brexit woes, and dwindling demand for diesel-powered vehicles and traditional sedan models...

Tata Nano production peters out with little fanfare

The Tata Nano, once hailed by its maker as a "milestone in frugal engineering" and a "people's car", is ending production with the merest of whimpers. In figures obtained by Bloomberg, just one Tato Nano was produced in June 2018, compared to 275 during the same time last year. Tata has confirmed to the business publication the Nano in its "present form cannot continue beyond 2019"...

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