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NSW: More young people steering away from driver's licence
12th Jul 2017
2 min read

NSW: More young people steering away from driver's licence

Statistics sourced from Transport for New South Wales (NSW) show that more people aged between 17-20 are choosing to go without a driver's licence, with the last five years showing a slow, but steady decline. While licence rates across all age groups are slightly up from 10 years ago, 17 to 20-year olds and 21 to 25-year olds are showing a decline over the last five years.
Profile picture of James Wong
James Wong
P-plate legislation fatally flawed
30th Apr 2011
5 min read

P-plate legislation fatally flawed

Most of Australia’s P-platers are prevented from driving some of the safest cars on the road because transport departments have fundamental misunderstandings of automotive technology. Even more disturbingly, perhaps, bureaucratic ineptitude means probationary drivers remain allowed behind the wheel of some extreme high performance vehicles without any form of restriction whatsoever. Other fatal flaws in the system mean many older cars lacking critical safety features also remain on younger drivers’ shopping lists.
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Tim Beissmann
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