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Opel: PSA driving further electrification
7th Dec 2018
1 min read

Opel: PSA driving further electrification

The next-generation Opel Mokka X and Vivaro will be launched with an electric powertrain, as the Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) looks to accelerate the brand's electrification. Along with the load-lugging van and compact crossover, the Opel range will next year gain an all-electric Corsa compact hatchback. Details about the car are thin on the ground, we know it'll likely be built on a variation of the PSA e-CMP architecture that'll also underpin the next-generation Peugeot 208.
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Scott Collie
Opel Mokka X facelift unveiled
4th Feb 2016
2 min read

Opel Mokka X facelift unveiled

GM's European arm has revealed the Opel Mokka X, a facelifted and heavily revised version of the brand's smallest crossover, which made its debut back in 2012. Although the only body panels that have been altered are the bonnet and front wings, the exterior makeover has significantly altered the vehicle's looks. Up front, the Mokka X sports slimmed-down headlights with prominent LED daytime lamps, as well as the brand's new winged grille design.
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Derek Fung
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