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Mitsubishi 'global small' expected in Australia by 2012
12th Dec 2010
1 min read

Mitsubishi 'global small' expected in Australia by 2012

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will launch an all-new sub-compact vehicle in less than 18 months, and an Australian launch is as good as locked in. Codenamed the ‘global small’, production of the new compact is set to start in March 2012. With a focus on affordability, fuel efficiency and compact design, the ‘global small’ will be MMC’s entry-level vehicle around the world, and will sit in the “1.0- to 1.2-litre class”.
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Tim Beissmann
Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Turbo Update
31st Jul 2006
1 min read

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Turbo Update readers informed us yesterday that Mitsubishi is getting closer and closer to releasing the Ralliart Turbo-Charged Colt. Infact Mitsubishi has flown those in the know down to Victoria for a test drive and information day last week. Early comments suggest that those who got a chance to drive the little hot hatch were very impressed with the car and see it doing a great deal of business when it gets launched in Australia.
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Alborz Fallah
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