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GM is readying an electric pickup
3rd May 2019
1 min read

GM is readying an electric pickup

General Motors has an all-electric pickup truck in the works, as it prepares for what Mary Barra has described as an "all-electric future". Speaking at the quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, the GM CEO said her company has "an industry-leading truck franchise and industry-leading electrification capabilities". "I assure you we will not cede our leadership on either front," she said.
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Scott Collie
GM CEO promises more right-hand-drive vehicles
17th Sep 2015
4 min read

GM CEO promises more right-hand-drive vehicles

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has promised a “more planned and very proactive” approach to the development and production of right-hand-drive vehicles going forward, to ensure Holden can offer Australians the best of GM’s global portfolio. The unavailability of right-hand-drive vehicles of all shapes and sizes has been a long-running frustration for Holden, which believes it could have great success with a number of GM models that are currently only built with a steering wheel on the left.
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Tim Beissmann
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