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2017 Suzuki Swift review

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift aims to keep the charm that made its predecessors so enduringly popular, while adding a veneer of modern tech and safety. Job mostly done.

2016 Suzuki Swift Sport Navigator CVT Review

The Suzuki Swift Sport Navigator has its work cut out in this golden age of hot hatches. It's an honest and great fun little toiler, but could be cheaper.

Mazda 2 v Suzuki Swift: Comparison review

The Mazda 2 and the Suzuki Swift continue to be favourites with Australian consumers despite being two of the older members of the city car class. The duo accounts for one in four sales in the segment – impressive considering the pint-sized Mazda launched way back in 2007 and will be replaced by an all-new model early next year and the Suzuki, released in 2010, is also about halfway through its life...

Best Cars for P-Platers: city car options

Learning to drive is one of the most eagerly anticipated rites of passage for any young adult. Freedom, fun and adventure are all finally within reach and getting the keys to your first car is something you’ll never forget. Choosing the right first car is vital. The statistics are scary: P-platers are the highest risk group when it comes to road crashes, particularly in the first six months...

2014 Suzuki Swift GL Navigator Review

Three-year-old city car finds new direction with facelifted nav-equipped version for less.

Sports hatch track test: Ford Fiesta Metal v Suzuki Swift Sport v Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Ford Fiesta Metal, Suzuki Swift Sport and Volkswagen Polo GTI are entry-level hot hatchbacks. They're a classic recipe of the automotive world, as simple and delicious as san choy bow. Take one small and light hatchback (the lettuce part, as it were) and stuff a big four-cylinder engine under the bonnet (that'll be the pork – yum)...

Suzuki Swift Sport Review: On Track

The Suzuki Swift Sport is far more than just a sporty runabout.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Review

Suzuki has produced their best performance car yet. The new Swift Sport is an outstanding package.

Suzuki Swift GLX Review

The last Suzuki Swift started a revolution in the light car segment, but has the new one upped the ante once again...

Suzuki Swift Review

Yes, it does look remarkably similar to the old Swift, but that's the point. Why change such an iconic shape?

2011 Suzuki Swift Review

The outgoing Suzuki Swift is the automotive equivalent of hitting the sweet spot in the light car segment. The new Swift is even better than that.