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Sports hatch track test: Ford Fiesta Metal v Suzuki Swift Sport v Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Ford Fiesta Metal, Suzuki Swift Sport and Volkswagen Polo GTI are entry-level hot hatchbacks. They're a classic recipe of the automotive world, as simple and delicious as san choy bow. Take one small and light hatchback (the lettuce part, as it were) and stuff a big four-cylinder engine under the bonnet (that'll be the pork – yum)...

Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

Long renowned for its benchmark offroad capability in the compact SUV class, the Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator trades bush-bashing prowess for – as the name suggests – a focus on urban utility, being only two wheel drive. As the badge also suggests, the Urban Navigator gets satellite navigation as standard equipment, in addition to climate control, both unique features for an SUV that retails with a standard automatic transmission for $29,990 driveaway...

Suzuki SX4 Review

The SX4 offers the most capable AWD system in the small car class, but it's the front-drive $19K special that's the star...

Suzuki Kizashi Karbon Review

Suzuki Queensland has pimped the Kizashi medium car to get some showroom attention.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

The Suzuki Grand Vitara feels dated in comparison with more advanced offerings from Korea and Japan notwithstanding its off-road skills...

Suzuki Swift Sport Review: On Track

The Suzuki Swift Sport is far more than just a sporty runabout.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Review

Suzuki has produced their best performance car yet. The new Swift Sport is an outstanding package.

Suzuki Kizashi Turbo Review

We've been asking for it, and it's one step closer to reality. The Suzuki Kizashi Turbo is almost here.

Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD Review

The Suzuki Kizashi is possibly the most underrated medium car in its segment.

Suzuki Swift GLX Review

The last Suzuki Swift started a revolution in the light car segment, but has the new one upped the ante once again...

Suzuki Swift Review

Yes, it does look remarkably similar to the old Swift, but that's the point. Why change such an iconic shape?