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2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto long-term review, report four: around-town practicality

Those of you wondering whether I like micro cars should probably know that I own a late first-gen Smart Fortwo – yes, I’m a little partial to the idea of a useful city car. That could be part of the reason I ended up as custodian of the 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX… We’ve had the Smart for nearly three years now, and on a weekend, it almost always gets used more than any big dollar press car...

2017 Suzuki Swift review

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift aims to keep the charm that made its predecessors so enduringly popular, while adding a veneer of modern tech and safety. Job mostly done.

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto review: Long-term report three – country driving

I’ve warmed like a late Spring afternoon to the 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX, our long-termer tester that seems to have spent most of CarAdvice’s custodianship in co-conspirator Trent Nikolic’s pocket – perhaps literally – outside of the rare opportunity to occasionally “take her around the block”. Brief impressions, then, but good ones...

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto review: Long-term report two – infotainment

Now, you’d think that providing infotainment that works, is just as crucial as providing that infotainment system in the first place? Sadly, after a few weeks behind the wheel of our long-term 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX, it seems Suzuki hasn’t quite gotten this crucial element right. The specifications would indicate reason to rejoice – especially given the sub 20k starting price...

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX auto review: Long-term report one – introduction

Despite members of the small car segment being decidedly bland, the micro car segment (which sits beneath it) always seems to offer up some quirky, different and appealing alternatives to the mainstream boredom. And perhaps the best of them at the moment is the 2017 Suzuki Ignis, and in top-spec GLX guise, it’s an absolute steal at $19,990 drive away...

2017 Suzuki Ignis GL review

It's the happiest looking car on the market, but does the entry-grade Suzuki Ignis still have enough to make it a real city-car character?

2017 Suzuki Ignis review

The 2017 Suzuki Ignis brings a breath of fresh air to the city car market...

2017 Suzuki S-Cross Turbo Prestige review

The S-Cross gets a new face and turbo power for 2017, so how does it fare against the competition?

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara Sport Review

Eleven years on the current-generation Suzuki Grand Vitara still claims to be the king of small-budget, mid-sized SUV practicality with big off-roading capabilities. But has it evolved enough to keep pace with the times?

2016 Suzuki Baleno GL Review

Suzuki has launched its latest light car in Australia, we get behind the wheel of the Baleno GL...

2016 Suzuki Baleno GLX Turbo Review

The reborn Suzuki Baleno city car is a likeable option in a competitive market segment...