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Suzuki Celerio Comparisons

Micro Car Comparison: Holden Spark v Kia Picanto v Mitsubishi Mirage v Suzuki Celerio v Hyundai Accent

Australia’s Micro Car market has been a hive of activity lately. Two brand new models have arrived, the Holden Spark and Kia Picanto, while the Mitsubishi Mirage has been updated. Add to this list the 15-month old Suzuki Celerio, and you have a mean little quartet of bargain-basement offerings. Each of these baby cars bring something unique to the table...

Nissan Micra ST v Suzuki Celerio : Comparison Review

Nissan's re-jigged Micra goes up against the Suzuki Celerio carryover champ in this battle for bargain-basement supremacy...

Suzuki Celerio v Mitsubishi Mirage : Comparison review

Snobs are not welcome here. Through the ages micro cars that are slammed by many as uninspiring tin cans on wheels have actually afforded their owners the best of simple pleasures. While cars that are the automotive equivalent of King Island double cream can steal people’s cholesterol-filled hearts, models that use simple, stripped-bare ingredients can provide more than just basic sustenance...