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2013 Suzuki Alto GLX review

Well, I purchased this Suzuki Alto GLX as a demo with only 14km on the speedometer in April 2014 for $10,700 driveway. I believe the RRP was $12,490. Over 72,000km from new this car has been frugal on fuel, averaging 4.9 litres per 100 kilometres on regional country drives and 5.8L/100km in city usage. The engine is the best part of this car; that 1...

2010 Suzuki Alto GL Review

I bought this car as a second car for my wife to drive and since my wife had trouble learning the manual transmission I wanted a cheap automatic vehicle that had the 5* safety rating. I bought it new and even though it was registered as the GL I have noticed it has all the features of the GLX except for the alloy rims...


Car bought brand new and was happy to get all the Indie extras. Very nice little car for the price. If you are used to a Merc or BMW then this car is not for you.There are no heated seats or reverse cameras. I think it's good on fuel as I don't really drive very far now. Have seen so many on the roads now, a good little seller.