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2018 Subaru Liberty 3.6R review

Subaru has equipped its Liberty sedan with various upgrades for 2018, as the company bids to take on the new Toyota Camry and other key rivals in the shrinking mid-sized-car battleground.

2016 Subaru Liberty 2.5i Premium review

Sitting mid-pack in the all-new Liberty range, the 2016 Subaru Liberty 2.5i Premium might not be the most exciting Subaru on sale, but there's still plenty to like...

2015 Subaru Liberty 3.6R: Golf weekender

A trip to the golf course with four friends presents a unique challenge for the new Liberty. Can you fit all 5 golfers and their bags in to this mid sized sedan?

2015 Subaru Liberty 3.6R Review

Is this the best mid-sized Japanese sedan?

2015 Subaru Liberty Review

Improvements all-round for the Subaru Liberty make it more enticing for buyers. But it's not all roses, Matt Campbell finds.

Medium car comparison : Toyota Camry v Mazda 6 v Nissan Altima v Skoda Octavia v Holden Malibu v Hyundai i40

Medium is the new large. By 2017 when the large car segment will have been thrown into further disarray with the loss of the Ford Falcon and question marks surrounding imported replacements for the Holden Commodore and Toyota Aurion, it really has to be. The mass exodus from large six-cylinder family sedans that has happened in recent years, however, hasn’t been the expected boon for medium cars...

Subaru Liberty X Review

The Subaru Liberty X is designed to merge the benefits of a high-riding SUV with the look of a traditional family sedan.

Subaru Liberty Exiga Review

With the addition of a seventh seat, the Exiga now makes far more sense as a big wagon with the flexibility of an SUV or a people-mover.

Subaru Liberty Exiga Review & Road Test

Liberty Exiga is clever package that's pleasant to drive and great value for money.

Subaru Liberty Review & Road Test

Luckily the new Liberty is nothing like the old one. Model Tested: 2010 Subaru Liberty 2.5i; 2.5-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; CVT; sedan - $33,990* Options: Automatic transmission $2500 CarAdvice Rating: I'll be the first to admit I didn't really like the previous generation Subaru Liberty...

Subaru Liberty GT Review & Road Test

Conservative looks, confident performance. Model Tested: 2010 Subaru Liberty GT Premium; 2.5-litre, four-cylinder, turbo petrol; six-speed manual; sedan - $52,990* CarAdvice Rating: Subaru's fifth-generation Liberty may have lost the sex appeal so widely revered of its predecessor, but when it comes to building on the brand's hallmark performance pedigree, this latest model typifies all that's good about Australia's favourite mid-size all-wheel drive...

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