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2014 Mini Cooper D Speed Date
By Scott Davison
Quick Specs
1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel
$31,800 before on-road costs
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By Scott Davison

So, where did you go on your date?

Firstly we drove out to the airport to drop a friend off. We then ventured out along the freeway and deep into suburbia to visit my parents. A little awkward perhaps, given it was the first date, but I had promised to take them out for dinner.

After dinner we dropped the oldies off and had the remainder of the evening to ourselves to get a bit more intimate and paint the town red, green or yellow 'literally' (see below).

Ideal first date?

Yes, the Mini was very flexible and happy to accommodate additional passengers at short notice. It took everything in its stride.

As this was the three door model, my Dad (being the gentleman he is) was quick to shotgun the front seat, meaning my 65 year old mum had to climb in the back. She reports that it was actually quite easy to do and surprisingly comfortable and roomy back there.

So the Mini made a good first impression with the folks as well.

Hot or not?

Hot. Definitely!

Maybe it's not to everyone's taste but I really love an original and this car is very different to anything I have previously taken out.

It's what's inside that counts, what do you think of the interior?

It was equally beautiful both inside and out. The rounded features from the outside are carried through to the interior and there is not a sharp edge in sight. Very unique! Everything is rounded including the door handles, the lights and the digital display unit.

It was really full of surprises on the inside, with quite a few party tricks to show off to family and friends. The highlight for me was the circular disco lighting around the main display unit with numerous colour options including green, yellow and my personal favourite 'ambient red'. So you really get to set the mood to match the occasion.

Standout features?

I must admit it was the physical beauty that most stood out for me. However, I did also enjoy having a sixth-gear on the manual transmission. The aforementioned party lights were the other standout for me.

Annoying habits?

I really didn't notice any annoying habits, I must have been love-struck.

Ready for a family?

No, definitely not. This is a car for singles or couples without kids.

High maintenance?

On the contrary. It's an incredibly economical car. It stayed under five-litres per 100km in almost all conditions. It even has a 'green' setting which reduces consumption further by providing prompts on the dashboard to let you know when you should be changing gears.

I love a cheap date, and they don't get any cheaper than this.

Any deal-breakers?

No deal-breakers. It does exactly what you would expect from a Mini Cooper and a little bit extra as well. I was really surprised by how spacious it felt on the inside and it had very good rear visibility.

So, is it serious or just a one night stand?

Actually, I think this could be the start of something more serious. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I am looking for a smaller car in the future and this is now top of my wish list. I just don't want to seem too keen, so I think I will wait a few days before calling back.

Keeping your options open?

I would like to try out the petrol version as well. The one I dated this time was the diesel. So I would be interested to see if there was any noticeable difference in performance. I would not go for a five-door, I prefer the three. For me, if you are going to have a Mini, you may as well have a Mini. No point sitting on the fence.

If it's not for you, who would you recommend it to?

This car is perfect for me. I really think she could be 'the one'. I would recommend it to anyone else who considers themselves an urban hippie. It´s a small car, that doesn't feel too girly. Its environmentally conscious with a cheeky streak. I like it a lot!