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2014 Hyundai i40 Tourer Premium Speed Date
By Christian Clark
Quick Specs
$47,590 before on-road costs
five-year/unlimited kilometre
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By Christian Clark

So, where did you go on your date?

In Melbourne on an overnight trip, I took the i40 Tourer around town mixing in peak-hour traffic and freeway driving.

Ideal first date?

If your idea of a great first date is to sit patiently and comfortably in one of Melbourne’s increasingly congested traffic jams, then I think I’d give the i40 Tourer a follow up call to ‘do it again'.

Hot or not?

Hard to call a family station wagon a ‘hot’ car but it’s a very sensible first date that my mother would no doubt approve of. She’d be thinking, "I can see grandchildren in the back of that one day".

It's what's inside that counts, what do you think of the interior?

The interior is what you’d expect from a Hyundai these days - soft touch materials, intuitive placements of buttons, an acceptable size touchscreen that is easy to use, leather seats that bolstered me into a good driving position, a sunroof that was a little temperamental to use, a steering wheel that was a little low for this six-foot two-inch driver but laden with easy to use controls and great visibility to all driving angles. In saying that, there’s nothing that makes me think, "Well that’s different".

Standout features?

For me the front head lights stand out in their unique quill-like design, while I also like the good looking, slightly sporty front lower lip.

Annoying habits?

I couldn’t get the steering wheel set to a high enough position, so I did feel like it was sitting in my lap slightly. The addition of optional roof racks made an incredibly noticeable shrill when pressing on over 70km/h, but they are optional and likely cause the same issue when mounted almost any car. Cabin ambience does distinctly lack zen like quietness, though.

Ready for a family?

Certainly is. A family of four would be more than contented with this.

High maintenance?

Not entirely sure this early on in our relationship, but Hyundai’s impressive five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty eases many initial concerns.

Any deal-breakers?

Apart from the low position of the steering wheel, none.

So, is it serious or just a one night stand?

Hyundai, it’s not you it’s me. I just don’t think I’m ready for a long-term relationship where I will be committing to a family car. But call me in about five years and who knows, maybe we can go have a drink and plan some kids to [comfortably] sit in the back.

Keeping your options open?

Based on last night’s experience I’d be keen to test a Skoda Octavia Wagon but that may cost me a bit in drinks so why not an early dinner date with a Ford Mondeo Wagon.

If it's not for you, who would you recommend it to?

A young family with a keen eye for fuel efficient transportation around town and the odd trip down the coast for some beach action after the kids' soccer games have finished on a Saturday morning.