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Smart Motors has a heritage that combines German technology and American design. Now under the Mercedes-Benz Corporation, the Smart Car boasts its good safety ratings and has an increased popularity within urban communities. Smart was launched in Australia in 2003 and currently the Smart ForTwo is the only model available in either coupé or cabrio version.

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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Review

There’s a new electric vehicle about to appear in many markets around the world and it creates one of the most compelling arguments yet for the advent of electric vehicles...

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Smart Stand - Paris Motor Show 2016

Smart is no longer available in Australia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still like the little guys. For 2017, Smart are offering greater personalisation choices and a full-electric drivetrain to help make the little city car more of a lifestyle accessory than urban runabout. Check out the Milka-chocolate wrapped one - hmmm.

Brabus Smart Fortwo : 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The Fortwo Brabus will likely feature an engine with just over 75kW (100hp) of power to its credit and will have an official fuel consumption rating of 5.2L/100km. Aside from that, the blog doesn’t spill any other beans about the hotted up version of the ForTwo. At present, the most powerful version of the third-generation, rear-engine Smart Fortwo is the turbocharged 0...

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BMW and Mercedes-Benz combine mobility services units

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the second pair of automakers to confirm a partnership this week, after Ford and Volkswagen announced they will work together on utes and vans. The companies announced their intent to combine mobility divisions last year, but approval from anti-trust regulators has only just come through...

Mercedes-Benz to purchase $31 billion worth of battery cells

Mercedes-Benz has ordered €20 billion ($31 billion) worth of lithium-ion battery cells, which will see the company through until 2030. The German automaker expects battery-electric vehicles to account for between 15 and 25 per cent of its annual sales by 2025. To put that into context, the company sold a total of 3.3 million vehicles in 2017...

Smart ForEase concept unveiled

Smart will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the 2018 Paris motor show with the drop-top ForEase concept. Following in the footsteps of the crossblade and forspeed, the concept aims to offer passengers a "liberated and pure driving experience" by turfing the roof. There's no folding soft- or hard-top, it's just an old-fashioned speedster...

Brabus 125R: Limited-run Smart ForTwo revealed

Brabus has revealed its latest take on the Smart ForTwo, in the form of the limited-edition 125R. Although power still comes from a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, the boffins at Brabus have bumped outputs from 66kW and 135Nm to 93kW and 200Nm. The bump comes from a modified air intake, a new intercooler, and a recalibrated ECU...

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