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Utes and Tradies

Tradies share a special bond with their utes, relying on them for work as well as hauling the family around. CarAdvice introduces four tradies to four very different styles of work utes - the Volkswagen Amarok, Renault Master, Holden Commodore SV6 and the Mahindra Genio.

Convertibles for Summer : we test four affordable contenders

With warmer weather arriving, we've headed to the beach to discover the upsides and downsides of four very different cars that all can lose their lid.

Renault Twizy Review : first Australian drive

CarAdvice heads to Melbourne for the first-ever Australian drive of the all-electric Renault Twizy.

2015 Renault Espace - first look - Read the article here. With its new hunkered down stance and much more elegant clothes, Renault is referring to the new Espace as a crossover not a people mover. Minor bits of detailing aside, the new Espace is very similar to the Initiale Paris concept that debuted at the Frankfurt motor show around this time last year...

Renault RS Monitor 2.0 Quick Look The Renault RS Monitor 2.0 data logging system made its global debut back in 2013 on the all-new fourth-generation Clio RS. First seen locally on both the new Clio RS and the limited edition Renault Megane RS265 Red Bull RB8 launched late last year, the functionality is now available on the facelifted Renault Megane RS as standard and on the $39,490 Megane GT220 Premium hatch seen here...

Our French Picks for Bastille Day

To celebrate Bastille Day, takes a look at six French cars we think you should have on your list when shopping for a new car.

Sporty hatch comparison: Kia Procee`d GT v Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo v Renault Megane RS265 Sport

Two warm hatches from South Korea take on a cut-price version of France's hero hatch...

Subaru WRX v Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance v Renault Megane RS: Track test

Reigning Renault hot-hatch comes under fire on two fronts, as Subaru and Volkswagen attempt to dethrone it in a straight line and around a racetrack.

Renault R-Sound Effect RS System

Ever wanted your four-cylinder warm-hatch to sound like a V6 racecar or a twin-turbo Nissan GT-R? David Zalstein demonstrates Renault's R-Sound Effect RS system in the new Renault Clio GT Premium.

Renault Clio RS Video Review 2013


2013 Renault Clio Video review