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Renault Megane RS265 Review: Driver Dynamics Track Day weekender

The following article has been written by Liam Fowler, who, thanks to CarAdvice, scored a free Driver Dynamics Level 3 High Performance Driver Training day at Sandown Raceway. Here is his experience. With more than 10 years passing since my last track day, it is fair to say that I arrive at Sandown Raceway on a bitterly cold Melbourne morning with some trepidation...

The Nürburgring Review - in a rental car

For any motoring enthusiast, no trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to Germany’s legendary Nürburgring, the motoring Mecca that has redefined the way we judge automotive performance. Home to the famous 24-hour race, the Ring remains the Holy Grail for motor sport, yet these days it’s mostly used by car manufacturers from around the globe as the ultimate proving ground...

2015 Renault Trafic L1H1 twin-turbo Review

The Renault Trafic is an appealing alternative to better-known vans. Its standing as the ‘European HiAce’ means you should take a look, if you don’t mind a manual gearbox.

2015 Renault Clio RS200 Review : Long-term report three

The little Clio RS200, although a capable and fun thing, proved a polarising prospect for the CarAdvice team.

2015 Renault Captur Expression Review

No doubt a fun and funky little jigger, the entry-level Renault Captur can't quite match its Clio base car for praise...

2015 Renault Clio RS200 Review: Sandown Raceway weekender

Dave puts the Renault Clio RS's F1-derived DNA to the test in another weekend warrior shakedown at Sandown Raceway...

2015 Renault Master SWB Speed Date Review

We've all heard the expression to 'make hay while the sun shines' - and so, assuming that happens... how do you pick up the hay once it is made? Why, in a van of course! My daughter's sixth birthday party coincided with the Renault Master SWB van, and some hay was needed (along with tables and chairs) to help the 'pony party' theme.

2015 Renault Trafic Review

The 2015 Renault Trafic is a bigger van with a smaller engine. Can it work? Matt Campbell finds out.

2015 Renault Clio RS200 Review: Long-term report two

Two months into our French affair with the Renault Clio RS200, things aren't all rosy...

2015 Renault Master L1H1 Review

The big Renault Master van has just had a heart transplant. Matt Campbell finds out if it's fit for the market.

Renault Kangoo Maxi Crew: Week with Review

The smell of freshly ground coffee beans, the sound of milk being frothed to fluffy perfection and the sight of liquid gold dripping from the group head into a shiny ceramic cup, destined to delight your tastebuds — for some, the thoughts that run through the mind before the first caffeine hit of the day are that dramatic...