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2021 Renault Captur review

The small-SUV landscape has changed dramatically since the first Renault Captur, but then so has the Captur itself.

The car names you've probably been mispronouncing this whole time

Fancy yourself a car enthusiast? While being an enthusiastic car owner and a good driver are both part of your overall street cred, a lot of it comes down to being able to talk the torque. And where many of us can come undone when showing off our automotive prowess is butchering the pronunciation of brand or model names as badly as Kim from Kath & Kim used to pronounce 'chardonnay' (she said 'kar-don-aye', for the record)...

2019 Renault Captur review: Intens 1.3t

You won’t spot the changes to the 2019 Renault Captur externally, but jump behind the wheel and a punchy new engine tells its own story.

2018 Renault Captur Intens review

The updated Renault Captur is still a looker, and is cheaper to own and run than you might imagine. The flagship Zen is an interesting Hyundai Kona/Toyota C-HR/Mazda CX-3 rival.

Renault Captur Review : Long-term report three

Tim says farewell to the Renault Captur Dynamique, but not before testing out some of its unique features...

Renault Captur Review : Long-term report two

CarAdvice's national sales director Benn labels the Captur "easily the worst car I've ever driven" during its second month in the Sydney garage...

Renault Captur Review : Long-term report one

Suspending reality, Tim trades in his Mitsubishi Mirage and his carefree youth for a new Renault Captur and a professional, 'active' lifestyle.

2015 Renault Captur Expression Review

No doubt a fun and funky little jigger, the entry-level Renault Captur can't quite match its Clio base car for praise...

2015 Renault Captur Review

It’s been delayed more times than Sydney’s Western Suburbs train line, but 21 months after its international launch in France the Renault Captur has finally arrived in Australia. The hold ups have been both frustrating and fortunate for Renault Australia...

Renault Captur Review

Renault expands its SUV line-up with the Clio-based Captur that combines funky styling and decent dynamics.