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2014 Proton Preve Review: GXR

It's hard to beat on paper, but how does the Proton Preve shape up on the road?

Proton Suprima S Review : GXR

Is Proton's Suprima S small car good enough to entice buyers? Matt Campbell finds out.

Proton Exora Review

Proton's Exora is Australia's most affordable seven-seater - so is it a bargain?

Proton Suprima S Review

New Malaysian hatchback comes with turbo power, attractive pricing and extended factory backing.

Proton Prevé Review

The name means 'to prove' but the Proton Preve struggles to show evidence of being a competitive small car offering.

Proton S16 Review

At $13,990 drive away, Proton's S16 FLX city car is the budget-price bargain of the segment.

Proton S16 vs Used Car

When it comes to getting from A to B on a tight budget, there are plenty of choices. You can catch public transport, buy a used car, buy a bike/scooter or buy a really cheap brand new car with a warranty. If you’re looking for a reasonably good second-hand car, you’d be paying around the $10,000 to $15,000 mark...

Proton S16 Review & Road Test

$11,990 for a car? Are they kidding. I've seen options for car stereos priced higher than that!

Proton Jumbuck - Long Term Conclusion

After four months here at the CarAdvice office it's time to say goodbye to our long term bargain basement ute, the Proton Jumbuck. Following a raft of duties, and in excess of 7000kms of driving, the little lugger returned trouble free motoring with a couple of plastic rattles the only issues of any note...

Proton Jumbuck - Long Term Update

"Three months and all's well for our long-term Jumbuck" The Jumbuck has virtually become the CarAdvice mascot since joining us in late May with just about everyone in the Melbourne office having rotated through the car for a few weeks each...

Proton Jumbuck - Long Term Update

2009 Proton Jumbuck GLSi - Long Term Update "It's odd, but I'm becoming quite attached to the little Jumbuck" - by Matt Brogan If someone had told me eight weeks ago that I'd grow rather attached to our long-term Proton Jumbuck then they may have been met with a rather snide "yeah right"...

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