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The first big revamp of Porsche's Macan range has arrived. Is it 'almost new-generation' as its maker claims or closer to the facelift it appears to be? Let's find out in the newish V6-powered S version.
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Porsche Macan GTS and Turbo S confirmed

The Porsche Macan will be available in GTS and Turbo S guises down the track, the German car maker’s boss has confirmed. Porsche launched its new smaller sibling to the Cayenne SUV this week in Germany. The initial line-up comprises three models – S Diesel, S and Turbo – but will expand as with other Porsche models...

Porsche Macan : Quick guide to the 'Cayenne junior'

The Porsche Macan is doubling the German brand’s range of SUVs. It’s 11 years since the Cayenne stirred controversy among enthusiasts as it launched to break Porsche’s status as a pure maker of sports cars. The bigger SUV has comfortably become the company’s biggest seller globally, though the smaller, more affordable Porsche Macan can be expected to displace the Cayenne in that respect...

Porsche Macan pricing and specifications: from $84,900

The Porsche Macan has become the most affordable model from the German brand with a confirmed starting price of $84,900. The new mid-sized SUV sibling to the popular Cayenne is due in June 2014 locally and will become the only Porsche to cost less than $100,000. It is expected to replace its bigger brother as the company’s best-selling vehicle...

Porsche won't go smaller, cheaper than Macan, says exec

Porsche has ruled out building a future model cheaper than its new Macan, making the compact SUV’s expected $80,000 local pricetag a permanent new entry into the brand. Following the reveal of the Macan at the Tokyto motor show, CarAdvice asked Porsche head of production and logistics Oliver Blume whether the company would produce any model that would be cheaper in the future, to which he responded with a categorical “no”...

Porsche Macan exhaust note teased

The exhaust note of the all-new Porsche Macan has been teased in a short video ahead of the luxury SUV's debut at next week's Los Angeles motor show. While Porsche has given no indication of the engine responsible for the rorty note, it's believed to be one of the turbocharged six-cylinder petrol engines destined for the Macan; either a 3...

Porsche to double workforce ahead of Macan production

Porsche will hire more than 1000 new workers for its plant in Leipzig as it gears-up for production of the new Porsche Macan compact SUV. The German automaker already has 1150 employees at the Leipzig factory meaning the company expects to nearly double its workforce over the next few months...