Owner Review


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When you want a large car that’s efficient and cheap to run and also offers plenty of space, only one car comes to mind – Toyota Camry! Otherwise known as white goods on wheels, the Toyota Camry is known for its reliability, low running costs and ability to haul the family or friends in comfort. These were the features I needed when shopping for a second car. So I went out and bought a Honda Accord!

The base Accord came well equipped for its price. Dual climate control, 6 airbags, 6 in-dash CD player, auxillary connectivity for ipods and iphones, 5 speed auto with paddle shift -all this for a car under 30k. At the time this was extra impressive when some (costlier) competitors didn’t even have rear power windows as standard.

Like all Hondas, it starts and it goes first time, every time! Even when the rear left wheel is making a squealing metallic noise – it still goes. I just wind my windows up and turn the music louder and keep driving. I trust that the Accord will not leave me stranded roadside in the rain so I ignore any problems until the next service interval.

Passengers won’t have to do yoga to fit in the rear because there is plenty of room. The ride is smooth and the cabin is quiet, the seats offer firm support around corners and are well cushioned enough that most will fall asleep if your journey exceeds half an hour.

For the driver, the car needs more power. The lag waiting for the needle to hit 4000 revs when flooring it is frustrating and makes city lane merging awkward and dangerous at times, especially when trying to manoeuvre the car out of harm’s way.