Toyota Camry 2020 ascent sport hybrid
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2020 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid review

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Although the CVT noise is a bit intrusive at times, the car is remarkably quiet when cruising. Performance is as brisk as say a VW Jetta but the way the car gathers speed just seems linear rather than stepped. The handling is very good and I guess the weight of the battery pack over the rear wheels helps.

Fuel economy in the city is outstanding at 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres. Overtaking a car at 80km/h in a 110km/h zone produced a fair bit of go, likely due to both the EV and Petrol engines combining.

Radar and lane-departure is effective but lane changes do require use of the indicator or else the car will put up a short fight with the steering response.

The dash is modern in look and feels very slick.

The paint on my car is Arctic White, which is close to Pearlescent and I think adds a bit of class. I had darkest legal tint applied to the rear windows and doors - extra dark on rear doors and screen, which looks great and “pops” out the overall colour and finish.

Locking wheel nuts were an extra cost and the car has had other extra costs with parts and labour coming to $80 to fit a Toyota slimline weather shield to the front passenger and driver’s side windows. Wind noise from around the mirrors is the same with or without the weather shield, but the weather shield does reduce wind force into the car. Interestingly in Eco mode a warning pops up on the dash that the window is open and it displays a click through control on the dash to close the window. Neat.

Apple CarPlay wasn’t installed when I picked up the car, so for those Camry owners driven nuts by not being able to connect Apple CarPlay or Android Auto it’s not your fault or your phone’s. It is Toyota’s fault for an omission, so take it back to the dealer.

Dealer delivery was great but I will observe that the tow bar installation looks like true hack job. It’s not good enough. This is a warning for other Camry owners getting a tow bar. Make sure to specify finish to any panel mods and also note that the load limit on the Hybrid is 400kg. Note also that reverse in the EV mode won’t push more than 400kg.

NOTE: To better illustrate this review, we've added a CarAdvice review photo of the model itself.

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