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2020 KIA Stinger GT (Black Leather) review

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There are many "Likes" about our 2020 Kia Stinger, after owning one now for six months. We purchased the car because we liked the look of it; eye catching! We chose the superb Ceramic Grey colour, which is a different colour compared to most of the vehicles on the road today.

When using the Sports Mode, you can feel the driver's seat wrap you in to give you support, which is impressive and has that "wow factor". The leather seats in the Stinger are like sitting in a comfy lounge chair, which is a feeling I've never felt in any other car I've previously owned. Cool selective interior slimline colours under the glovebox and doors make night driving colourful inside the cabin. I love the head-up speed display on the windscreen, as it's so much easier to concentrate on the road, your speed, safety and your surroundings.

Boot opening is awesome, opening up with one touch on your car keys. Plus there are sensors for when it is closing, so if your head is in the way, or if something is bulky, the hatch will stop!

Lets chat about highway/holiday driving. Another "wow factor" for me was when applying the cruise control. The car estimates the safe distance between yours and the car in front. If the car in front slows down, the Stinger will slow also, still in the cruise and maintaining a safe distance. Then if the car in front gains speed, the Stinger will then bring the speed back to the set speed applied. So basically, this car really drives itself! The power as you overtake a 4-trailer road train is phenomenal! As soon as you put your foot down, she takes off! It gives you confidence big time.

Fuel consumption: basically I drove 750 kilometres of a 1200 kilometre drive and still had a quarter remaining in the 60-litre tank. It's great on fuel! I was happy.

The dash display screen gives great comfort, in that it not only has instructions on how to get to your destination, but in an emergency situation, emergency services can pinpoint your destination in time of accident. Truly, the Stinger is the best car I've ever purchased for looks and for performance.

The only downside is the foot room for passengers in the backseats. It's dismal.

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