BMW 3 Series 2020 30i m sport
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2020 BMW 330i M Sport review

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I looked at three cars; the Audi A4, the Mercedes CLA250 and this 330i M-Sport and I found that the BMW was more comfortable inside and the finish was far superior.

The car was smooth and the gear changes were also smooth. I found the acceleration was more than what most would need. The technology in this car far exceeds many other cars in this price range.

I have had the car since March and have driven over 5000 kilometres and I have found the fuel consumption around town has returned between 650km to 700km to a full tank, with a trip to Canberra returning 1150km to the tank. For me this is the best economy I have ever had in any car I have owned, and this was not economy driving as I push my cars most of the time.

The only dislikes I have on the car are the run-flats, and I will change these out in the next six months as they are hard and uncomfortable on the road.

The software updates are also hard to get for this car. I feel Android Auto should have been always standard in the car, but I have heard this is coming.

As far as handling goes, I drive this car hard and I have found this car to be solid on the road around town as well as on the winding country roads. I have tried to get this car to act badly, but it hugs the road more than I ever expect.

Acceleration is fast and smooth. The adaptive cruise and lane assist features are up with the best I have personally experienced, and I have driven on many long trips where I have had these activated, with the car virtually driving itself and behaving very well.

The self parking is an awesome feature and very accurate. In terms of value for money, I think it could be a tad better compared to other makes.

Overall, I cannot really fault this car and it has been an extreme pleasure driving it and seeing what it can do. I am very impressed and I would not hesitate buying another down the track.