Toyota HiLux 2019 sr (4x4)
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2019 Toyota HiLux SR (4x4) review

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I bought my 2019 Hilux SR in January 2020 due to its excellent resale and solid Toyota build quality. I prefer the front look of the SR compared to the SR5, especially with the bull bar. Everything is functional and does the job, and the interior is really comfortable when travelling for extended periods of time. I do mainly highway kilometres and have found that the cabin is a really nice place to be for road trips, with the bonus that it also and gets good fuel economy (8.6 litres per 100 kilometres on the freeway).

Unfortunately, it doesn't have Apple CarPlay, but I use the Bluetooth for music and I haven't had any issues with it. The sound system quality is pretty good for a ute. The active safety features are great to have, with the automatic braking having once saved me from running up the back of someone when they stopped suddenly in front of me.

The adaptive cruise control is very smart - it will automatically brake if the car in front slows down too much and will start accelerating again as I turn on the indicator to overtake. One annoying thing is that the headlights can't be permanently switched off; only the "auto" setting, having the parkers on, or having the lights on completely. This does get annoying if you are passing through lots of tunnels.

It is also very handy having seatbelt sensors on all five seats - not something I would usually expect from a dual-cab ute.

The engine and transmission are great. The ratios are great for very slow, low range offroading, but it revs quite low on the freeway for better fuel economy. The torque band starts very low down, so it is good for first gear and low range on a steep hill.

It is very handy having the soft tonneau on the back, and being able to have a dry space that I don't have to really worry about putting stuff in, whilst also being able to take it off and have a traditional look. Just a word of warning, on the J-deck style tub (with the tie-downs on the outside, unlike the A-deck on the SR5), you can see the pop rivets for the tonneau from the outside if you squat down. I'm pretty unimpressed with that quality from Toyota.

The off-road ability is incredible. The off road traction control system is amazing and does a fantastic job 99% of the time. I am only running the stock tyres, mildly aggressive AT's and I very rarely have issues off road. I'm very impressed so far, and I rarely need to use the rear diff locker. It performs far superior to a friend's NP300 Nissan Navara, and another friend's MQ Mitsubishi Triton, which runs aggressive BFG ATs. The twist knob makes it very easy to change between 2H, 4H and 4L.

Sometimes the ride can be a little bit firm in the rear when unladen, but once you put some weight in the tub it is a very nice ride. It would be nice to see Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but I believe this is coming in the near future.

Overall I love my HiLux and am very happy that I chose it over other dual-cab utes. I will be keeping this one for a while!