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2019 Mitsubishi Triton GLS (4x4) review

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My Triton was purchased in February 2019 - a December 2018 build and the second MR Triton sold by the dealer. It was purchased so that my wife and I could tow a camper trailer and go off the grid. Since purchase, there have been a few minor issues to do with the side windows which had faults in the glass, however these were dealt with quickly and the glass replaced at the dealership.

I purchased the manual 6-speed and am very happy with it. Turbo lag is hardly noticeable and I am very happy with the torque when towing. The internal finish is very good and the seating position for the driver is comfortable with plenty of headroom for tall drivers such as myself. Having USBs in the front and rear of the cabin allow for numerous devices such as dash cams, HEMA GPS and phone charging. The LED headlights/automatic high beam are excellent, however I would have like to see that carried into the driving lights.

The road handling improves when there is a little weight in the tub, which is something that I have experienced with other dual-cab utes over the years. However generally I am very happy with the Triton's handling both on and off road. Originally I was looking at the Ford Ranger Wildtrak for my purchase, as I am a Ford man, but was recommended that I consider the Triton as an option. After test driving both the Ranger and Triton, as well as those of friends who own Triton MQs, I made my decision and have not looked back. My only criticism would be the cost of genuine Mitsubishi front end accessories (suitable for the new Transformer front end) and the lack of non-Mitsubishi MR accessories out there. Hopefully that will change in the not so distant future and that there will be a range of accessories available that will suit the new front end of the Triton while not breaking the bank - a nudge bar or bull bar that won't impact on the front sensors is high on my list.

I recommend the GLS Triton be considered when looking to purchase a vehicle in this class.

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