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2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P250 SE (184kW) review

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I purchased the Velar as an upgrade to a Jaguar XE. I loved the look of the Velar and I eagerly waited the seven months until it arrived in March 2019.

I should note that I upgrade cars like people change their underwear. I have owned 25 cars in eight years and I tend to drive to enjoy them before looking for another new model. I have been told that I have a problem.

Firstly, the Velar had minor issues that were rectified by the dealer over time. This involved lots of trips and time taken away from enjoying the vehicle, taking approximately six months to rectify.

Since then I have had no issues and I have driven the car 25,000km.

Fuel economy is running on average around the 11 to 12 litres per 100 kilometres, and that's cruising and not pushing the car. So I would say the economy is average.

The motor is effortless and flows through the gears without hesitation and strain. Comfort and ride are amazing, smoothing out the bumps in the road. The steering is light and direct for a big car.

I have not taken the vehicle off-road but have taken it on unmade roads, which it handles easily without cabin noise or rattles.

Build quality I have found to be really impressive and solid with no squeaks or rattles. I love the door handles that tuck away into the body making the car look clean.

Interior design is classy and well-appointed with soft materials (no harsh coarse plastics) giving the car a luxury feel.

The infotainment is easy enough to use, but there are times I would have liked for it to be more user friendly between the two screens.

The climate control works well but a lot of times you have to go in and out of programs to control the speed and temperature. A little bit annoying but overall okay.

The phone connection is good, and changing between two phones is easy.

I would have loved wireless charging and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto wireless as a standard of a vehicle in this segment, as most other makes of vehicles that compete with the Velar have this as standard now.

I would definitely recommend the Velar if you want a family car with loads of space, which has an effortless and comfy ride that anyone can just get behind the wheel and drive.

Now onto my next car! I have ordered and am waiting for a new Audi. I will update on this car once I have put it through its paces.

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