Holden Commodore 2019 lt (5yr)
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2019 Holden Commodore LT review

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As an entry level model, the Commodore LT Sportwagon represents very good value. Its best feature is that it's a driver's car; it has more than enough power, excellent handling, good steering feel and good brakes. It's a fun car to drive, which is something I couldn't say that about an SUV.

It has loads of tech, including the ability to park itself, remote start (useful for cooling the car down as you walk to it), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (which makes up for no in-built maps), reverse parking camera with sensors front and rear, lane-keep assist, and a fully electric driver's seat (no adjustable lumbar support on the base model though).

The cabin is very roomy and the luggage area - at over 1000 litres with the 60/40 split seats down - is large, especially in depth. There are also air con vents that go into the back seat area from the console.

The car has a long 5 year warranty and fixed-price servicing. The service intervals are 12 months or every 12000km. For me, this means servicing every 8 months or so.

The things that might need improvement do fall into the personal preference category, like:

The auto engine-off function, which cuts the engine off at traffic lights, can be disabled but this must be done each time you start the car via a switch on the console. The engine does restart very quickly, though.

In the base model there are no cup holders in the rear or map pockets on the back of the front seats. The rear doors do have bottle holders. There are also two USB charging ports in the back.

There is no hidden storage area for laptops, handbags and the like in the rear luggage area, other than with the spare tyre - but there is a rear storage area blind.

The car will seat two adults very comfortably in the rear seat, or three at a pinch. While leg room is very good, you need to see if the width is what you need.

The reverse camera is okay but the image is of low quality and can be challenging to view at night.

Overall, the Commodore LT sportswagon is well worth a look.

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