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2019 Ford Ranger XLT 2.0 (4x4) review

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I purchased the Ranger as a demo over 12 months ago with 3000km on the clock. It was a replacement for my 15 year old Prado which had high fuel usage (petrol) and struggled when towing my van.

This vehicle also needed to be a competent 4WD and run on diesel. I also liked the ute idea in order to throw surfboards and bikes in the back, along with extra storage for when we go away. It also allows me space to throw waste, as well as vegetation that I need to dispose of. And of course if a mate needs a hand with a move, I can assist.

When I started looking at my options I did a pretty detailed review of a variety of models, including the Ranger, Triton, HiLux, and D-Max, and at the end the Ford Ranger ticked all the boxes for me.

From the first time I sat in it, I was immediately impressed with the comfort and seating position of the Ranger, and the performance of the 2.0-litre bi-turbo, linked to the 10-speed automatic, as it made for a smooth and effortless drive. I also test drove the Ranger 3.2 and Triton, but found both to be less refined and clunky.

My XLT has the usual technology features (somewhat advanced compared to my 15 year old Prado) and I also got the Tech pack which included lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and active park assist.

While fuel economy is good, I would have liked to have seen a larger fuel tank offered (rather than an OEM product), and a tighter turning circle would also have been advantageous. Constant 4WD, such as I had with the Prado, would also be useful in certain conditions.

With three teenage kids in the back air-con should be offered, and for those long hauls the kids have requested softer seats. Not sure why as the front ones are great.

I have a soft tonneau cover over the rear, so a lockable tailgate would be useful, even if it's just as a slight deterrent for when there are items in the back.

So far, with 25000km on the clock, there have been no issues and the Ranger does both city and country driving with ease. It pulls my 2-tonne van effortlessly, and provides reasonable economy at 14 litres per 100 kilometres.

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