BMW X5 2019 xdrive 30d m sport (7 seat)
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2019 BMW X5 xDrive30D M Sport review

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This is the third X5 we have purchased. The prior two were the F15 first gen and the updated model. The last X5 we had for 4 years and it proved to be a reliable family car, therefore we decided to give the G01 model a go.

The new car is a 30D with M Sport pack, 7 seats, and air suspension.

With the M Sport body kit, the new car looks even more aggressive than the previous model, if that is even possible. It is definitely wider.

The air suspension has completely transformed the X5 from the previous model (M Sport suspension). There is no vibration through the steering wheel, it hugs the road, and the body roll is extraordinarily well-controlled for such a massive vehicle. But the way it rides on 22-inch wheels (part of the Performance Pack) is amazing.

It feels like it's on 18-inch wheels instead. The sport exhaust (again, Performance Pack) gives a deeper grumbly tone. I suspect some of it may be synthesised but whereas in the previous model the engine was muted, the G01 sounds more meaty.

The automatic split tailgate is great for shopping (it can be programmed for opening either top or both) and now you can finally wiggle your foot under the bumper to open the tailgate, though it's a bit temperamental.

The colour choice is slightly better than the usual whites, blacks and silvers from before. We went blue this time and the metallic finish looks great. The detailer who has a keen eye for paint imperfections noted the paint condition was actually one of the best he has seen.

The comfort seats are ten steps above the sport seats in the F15 and they are adjustable in every way possible, including lumbar. The front seats are heated and cooled (Indulgence Pack) while the rear seats are heated. The front seats also have a massage feature, which is great.

Seating in the rear is much better than before with the kids (15 and 13 years old) with more comfortable seats and a lot more leg room, although I'm not sure about the exact measurements in comparison with the F15. The quality of the finish is also impeccable, especially with the stitching of Marino leather in the seats.

The front dash is fully digital and easy to read. The HUD is in full colour and shows speed limits, as it registers speed signs. The larger centre screen is touch activated and extremely clear to read.

The wireless charger in the centre console works well, as does connectivity with iPhones and Android phones. Apple CarPlay is available but sadly Android Auto isn't.

There is however a screen mirroring feature (not touch-sensitive) so you can use Google Maps as mirrored from your Android phone, though it only takes up part of the screen.

The X5 is optioned with the Harman Kardon upgraded sound which sounds even better than the F15 with HK - I think there may be a new speaker system in the doors. 4-zone air climate (option) takes care of the rear passengers with ducts in the floor and side pillar.

As part of the Indulgence Pack there are heated and cooled cup holders up front and the heated feature works really well.

The engine is smooth and feels more agile than the F15, especially in Sport mode. The Eco Pro and Sport modes are now more adjustable (engine, transmission, suspension can all be adjusted from Comfort to Sport).

As noted, the exhaust note is great with the sport exhaust. Fuel consumption has been 10.5 litres per 100 kilometres but that's all city driving. Transmission, as in previous models, is silky smooth (unless you're in Sport).

The M Sport pack adds bigger front brakes and blue calipers.

No issues so far with reliability but I would really hope not for the price. Which brings me to the elephant in the room. While the X5 starting price isn't horrid, options can add up rapidly. Specifically the Indulgence pack (as name suggests) is a $9000 option.

And if you get 7 seats you NEED to option the air suspension. However, even without 7 seats the air suspension is a must. You can add close to 50 per cent of the cost of the car in options if you're not careful.

Overall however, the G01 is absolutely a step up in the evolution of the X5. Probably the biggest so far. The handling and driving is in another world.

I would definitely recommend the X5 but be careful with options. If you need adult-sized third row, I would look at the X7. For me that car is too big and the extra 400kg dulls the performance.

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