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2019 Audi Q5 50 TDI Quattro Sport review

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This is my first experience of an Audi and it was third in line behind Mercedes and BMW sixes. The Mercedes was a disappointment to drive, and this Audi represented far better bang for bucks than BMW. Having owned a Volvo already, another one of these would have been first choice, but I wanted a six-cylinder and they do not exist under the Volvo brand.

I've had the car for few months now and overall have found it good in all areas except the Active Steering, which is much more an aid than a standalone steering system, like in Volvo. The finish quality of the car is what you would expect from a high end European car. This particular car is fitted with almost all options available in Australia. The headlight package for what you pay is overstated compared again with Volvo's XC60 active headlights, but the full LED lights are bright and effective.

It is also disappointing on Active Steering is that it locks onto the vehicle in the right-hand lane on a dual highway on active cruise, instead of the vehicle in front. Why Audi have done this is a mystery and it's annoying.

I am very happy with the mechanics and power/performance and comfort, but my first thoughts on the styling were that it was a little outdated. I nearly walked away from the purchase, although it is something I have quickly become accustomed to over a little time and I now quite like the styling.

I think most of the technology is easy and practical to use, but the system of numbers used to operate some of the functions seems a mistake, as does the voice activation on the GPS where you need to say the city or suburb before the address. That took a lot of getting used to, but once you overcome that it's very good all round, including its search and navigate functions.

At times, the car has a not-so-smooth gear change when cold and seems to hesitate a little sometimes when changing, but lets see how that goes after first service.

For me, a more sophisticated Active Steer is the key to making this a great car, and refining some of those idiosyncrasies that have crept into the technology.

It has good space inside for a car of its size, and is comfortable in the same manner of other Euro builds.

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