Volkswagen Golf 2018 r
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2018 Volkswagen Golf R Wagon review

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I’d always wanted one of the performance Golfs, but I always needed something a bit more practical... then along came the Golf R Wagon. Perfect!

I’ve had mine for about 18 months now and thankfully it has not disappointed. It’s a bit understated, which I like for the most part. The interior is great; Volkswagen tend to nail interiors model after model. From reading other reviews you’ll already know about all the tech this car comes loaded with, so won’t bore you here, except to stay there’s a lot of it! When passengers get inside, even non-car people seem to recognise it’s a bit special, although tall rear seat passengers would probably want for a bit more leg room.

Being a wagon, it’s practical. The boot for this size of car is excellent. Luggage, big boxes and dogs all fit like a treat, much better than in a lot of similarly sized SUVs. The steering wheel feels excellent in your hands. There’s good feedback, the car reacts well to inputs, with bends in the road really highlighting its excellent handling capabilities.

The adaptive mode settings are great. While the car is sporty in all of them - it is a Golf R after all - you can dial it back when you need a bit of comfort, such as for a long drives and the like. Using the customisable "Individual" mode I tend to have the modes selected as Comfort for suspension, Sport for steering and Normal for gear changes. In Race mode it’s too tempting to get on the gas at every moment!

The performance is excellent. While I love a V8 as much as the next person, the fact this Golf R can do what they do while using half the fuel seems like voodoo.

Off the line it launches very well thanks to all-wheel drive. It’s great not having to worry about the loose rear end of rear-wheel drive or having the torque steering and tyre spinning of front-wheel drive. Overall this car feels very capable in wet or dry conditions. You grip and go. Simple.

It’s a newish car - 2018 - so I can't really comment on the reliability, but so far so good. This shape first appeared in 2014 so hopefully the bugs and issues have been ironed out.

The images of the new Golf R have started to emerge, which has myself and others a bit worried about how the Mk8 is going to look. Given the engine and other items are likely to be mostly the same, I’d definitely recommend that anyone thinking about buying one should go right ahead.