Toyota C-HR 2018 koba (2wd)
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2018 Toyota CH-R Koba (2WD) review

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I absolutely love this car. I'm so happy – it’s so comfortable, easy to drive, and looks awesome.

I looked around a lot to see what I wanted. I looked at the Hyundai Kona and Mazda CX-3, but all the time I kept going back to the CH-R Koba. This car is so gorgeous to look at. The number of people who stop me and comment how much they love the look of my car is amazing.

This car is only meant to run on premium fuel, which I found out only after I had purchased the car. I was a bit shocked by this – more at the cost of fuel, of course. The fuel range has been around 500km, which I find to be the norm.

The only improvement would be to make the rear seats more friendly to see out of the windows, and maybe some vents for the rear passengers.

The CH-R Koba is one sexy-looking car, with the choice of different colours and different roofs to pick what suits you. I chose the white with a black roof and I am in love with it. I walk back to my car in a carpark and go, 'Wow! This is a stunning-looking piece of machinery". I still pinch myself to believe this car is actually mine.

I love driving an automatic car again after driving manuals for the last four years.

The CH-R Koba is a lot better to the standard CH-R, if you can afford the extra price. The leather seats and LED lights are far superior than the norm. Although, I’m sick of people flashing me as if I have my high beams on when I don’t.

The price is similar to the others. I have always had Hyundais and Mazdas, and have been very happy with both of these brands, but I decided that the look of the CH-R was just too good. I fell in love by just seeing one at my local supermarket. I could not stop thinking about it. Going for a test drive, it handled perfectly and was so comfortable to drive. It handled easily and was simply a beautiful car to ride in.

I cannot be any happier. I am in love with my new CH-R Koba.