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2018 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport review

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I took delivery of my new Camry in March. It replaced a 2010 Honda Accord Euro that I loved, and I considered many other cars, including the previous Camry SL, Corolla ZR sedan, and Mazda 3 and 6 sedans.

I didn’t think any of them matched up to the Euro, and I would have loved it if Honda had the new version available locally, but as it didn’t, I had to get another option.

I waited for the new Camry, as I liked the look of it inside and out, and think that it provides very good value for money. I definitely wanted a sedan, and didn’t want a hatch or need an SUV.

I have only done 4000km in it, and it has been back to the dealer twice to get rattles sorted out, which was not what I expected to find in a Toyota. The only disappointing thing is that I think it’s a little heavy on petrol, averaging 10L/100km, but I mainly do short trips in it near the city.

I chose it in the Emotional metallic red, which I think suits its looks perfectly, and I am constantly getting compliments about it. The interior is extremely roomy and comfortable, and the boot is massive. It drives very well, and is very smooth and quiet.

This is my first Toyota product, and I have had eight new cars, so have very high expectations. Also, I particularly wanted a Japanese brand. I have also previously owned four new Volkswagens, a European Ford and Holden, and definitely chose not to buy European again, as there are always issues.

The Toyota Safely Sense fascinates me every day, and I love the technology, coming from a car that didn’t even have Bluetooth.

It’s been completely reliable and very practical. It is going to be used for Uber, and the capped-price servicing was a big selling factor at $195 once a year for five years.

As the car is brand new, I cannot think of what Toyota could do to improve it, but time will tell. I am seeing more of the new model on the road, and many of them are taxis. It’s been a massive seller in America, being their top-selling car.

Sorry my car is so filthy in the picture. I had just driven it on muddy, sandy roads. It’s since been detailed by me and looks much better.