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2018 Suzuki Ignis GL review

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With great, young styling, and while being fun to drive and super economical, the Ignis 5-speed always puts a smile on your face - especially when refueling. I average 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres, which is handy considering I travel 1000km per week (Leura, Blue Mountains to Ingleburn NSW every day).

The 1.2-litre engine pulls willingly when given a boot full and will surprise other motorists, at least to 60km per hour. This is probably possible due to the 840kg weight of the Ignis.

One area for improvement would be suspension tuning! With occupants in the back seats (only two 70kg teenagers) the little Ignis will bottom out with a "thud", even over small bumps. Considering I drive this car by myself 95% of the time, this issue isn’t a real concern for me.

Another area for improvement would be road noise. On certain rough road surfaces the road noise can be a little annoying, especially when talking on the phone. The seats are comfortable, even for taller occupants - my son is 6-foot 3 and is happy to travel an hour and a half in the back seat. In the little Suzy, I wouldn’t hesitate in doing a road trip for two down to Melbourne, or up to Queensland.

One thing Suzuki doesn’t offer for the Ignis is a tow bar kit. Yes, I know, I know, it’s not the type of car that could lug around a trailer full of dirt or bricks, but it would be ideal to fit a rear bike rack.

I’d love to see the all-wheel drive version in a 5-speed come to Australia and fitted with the 1.0-litre turbo. The power to weight ratio would make for an even more enjoyable drive, with the added advantage of being able to explore a fire trail or two.

I’d highly recommend this car for a single, or a couple who do a daily commute or a road trip. Servicing and parts are cheap and you won’t ever need to do a timing belt!! Keep this car regularly serviced and I doubt you’ll experience any major mechanical issues. I’ve traveled 60,000km in 14 months without a single concern!

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