Renault Trafic 2018 swb
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2018 Renault Trafic SWB review

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My partner and I bought the Renault Trafic for our tinting business in regional Victoria so we could travel and be able to cut film out in the back once a false floor was installed. Another bonus is we could fit a mattress in too, which means we can also use the Trafic for personal adventures with our dirt bikes.

We have found the van to be reliable and easy to drive, considering it is a size upgrade from our XR6T ute. It does not feel bulky and heavy. It's rather fun to drive with an easy gearbox to glide through and tell you when to change up and down gears. The clutch and steering are light, making it a breeze.

We do have to take cornering a bit slower, but that is just because we're used to a car that's lower to the ground! When in Eco-mode, it does lose a fair bit of its 'get up and go' however, it would be ideal for city driving with frequent stopping and starting.

The headlights change direction with the steering wheel when turning left and right. This is a fantastic feature as some residential areas are without street lights, and this makes both of us feel safer without the need of a backseat driver.

As an extra, we added a heated driver seat (passenger is not included) and this has been great for myself, as back pain can become a burden for me during travel. It heats quicker than the heater itself which gives a comfortable relief.

A couple of things we dislike about the Trafic is the passenger seat. I am a size 10-12 and find the seat to be a little uncomfortable because the seat is what I would consider small. It does not hug the body so the left leg does rest against the door, which gives a bruising sensation after approximately an hours worth of driving. The comfort could be improved by losing the middle seat and adding more of a contour in the seat. The armrest on the door is super comfy as it's curved to fit.

The middle seat is really just for a child as its just too small and I feel having 3 adults shoulder to shoulder could become a hazard for the driver. When hopping into the van, there is no grip handle to pull yourself up with. I am 5"7 and find it hard to push up onto a door which can move, so this makes me feel uneasy about getting in.

We love having the cabin closed in from the rear cabin of the van. It is so quiet which makes hearing a Bluetooth phone call convenient and easy to hear; ideal for any business owner on the go! If you are weighing up between the enclosed and non-closed cabin, I highly recommend test driving both to feel the difference. These pics were taken before we had sign writing applied but looks fab with black as it makes any colour stand out.

All in all, this van has under promised and over delivered. Well done, Renault!