Honda Civic 2018 vti-l
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2018 Honda Civic VTi-L review

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I wanted a change from the Honda Civic hatch body type, having owned and driven four of them since the late 1990s. Based on my research and what suited me, I went for a change in the body shape to the sedan.

While I really love the versatility of the 'Magic Seats' in my previous hatch models, the sedan does offer space, versatility in fold-down rear seats and generous luggage space.

While I chose the Cosmic blue metallic paint for my new car, I would have gone for a silver or white had I known how much dirtier the darker colour would show up after rain etc.

The turbo 1.5-litre engine and CVT transmission are new to me, and while I love the responsiveness, power and take-off, the transmission is one aspect I'm still adjusting to. There seems to be a slight lag in the middle revs, but it isn't anything to be worried about.

I use an Android phone and an iPad, which both connect to the car via cable and Bluetooth. Autoplay is another feature I'm still trying to get my head around. This allows for the apps from your phone to be utilised via the system, for example, maps/navigation. For me, it doesn't really add functionality to my drive and actually doesn't always connect properly, but I'm getting more accustomed to the navigation and the system the more I use it.

The reliability and practicality of this car are right up there, as one would expect with a Honda Civic. As this is the first Thailand-built model I have driven, I was skeptical as to how it would compare. The seats being fabric is a step down from my previous VTi-L hatch that came standard with leather. They are comfortable, but longer drives require breaks.

The interior is spacious and design accents have been paid close attention to. There is stitching in plastic components such as the dash that didn't fool me, though. It isn't classed as a luxurious vehicle, however internally and externally the design is very contemporary and suits my driving needs perfectly.

It's a great-value vehicle for the money and bracket in which I bought. The fuel consumption I have achieved has been as low as 5.9L/100km, and the average is about 7.4L/100km combined highway and urban.

As far as improvements go, I would like to have seen the leather seating option included in the VTi-L model. The 'S' mode is more responsive than 'D' mode in the transmission and I think this needs attention. Perhaps a manual model should also be offered.