Holden Commodore 2018 rs
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2018 Holden Commodore RS review

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Overall, it's a great automobile. I selected the V6 AWD RS version that has strong pick-up and good rev range. The gear changes are smooth and predictable.

The handling at both low and high speeds is sharp and precise, with minimal body roll. Driver feel and feedback are great. Driver comfort is good (average build 172cm male), but I feel that a larger driver would struggle with the sports seating and taller drivers may feel a little tight.

Braking is predictable and strong in all conditions that I drove in: dry, wet, windy roads, dirt roads and tar. The auto-stop does lag a little after releasing the brake to accelerate, and can take some getting used to.

The sound system is clear and of great quality – clear, crisp sound. Bluetooth works as well as, if not better than, previous models with clear sound and nil feedback through the speakers. However, I found the Apple CarPlay to be unpredictable at best. Inconsistent reliability, the conversation constantly repeating words at the other end, and the map function would lose the connection and drop out after only a few minutes, and freezing at times.

The glove compartment is extremely compact compared to previous models, with literally enough room for logbooks and nothing else, not enough for even a small flashlight. I found the drink holders situated forward of the gearshift lever to be awkward to use at best. When in the Park position, you are unable to place or remove any beverages without tilting to an angle that would induce a tidal wave-style spill.

The windscreen washer outlets are pointless. Placed under the bonnet's edge, a very small amount of fluid spray comes out, causing the wipers to smear whatever it is you are trying to clear. Placement on the wiper arms or a more powerful pump would solve this issue.

The quick-fill fuel set-up is a nice gimmick, but not really necessary. You have to be careful that you short-fill your tank, as you do not have a cap to screw back on to prevent fuel seepage. If the fuel level is near the top, it seeps out of the quick-fill latch, and when cornering it ran out onto the side of the vehicle.

These are all my personal thoughts on the vehicle, and no doubt will differ from those of others. Overall, compared to previous models I have driven, it is a great world-class midsize vehicle, with good handling and drive, great fingertip controls and a good smooth ride.

I also have a 2.1-tonne towbar fitted with which I have pulled around 500kg for 400km. It towed well, the vehicle did not appear to struggle with the load, and it did not affect the handling, braking or vehicle control apart from as expected.

If you are thinking of jumping into one of the range, I suggest you head down to your local Holden dealership and go for a spin. You will be pleasantly surprised.