Holden Commodore 2018 rs
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2018 Holden Commodore RS review

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I bought the ZB RS Sportwagon to replace my 2012 Kluger SUV. I tested numerous vehicles of similar size, focusing on fuel economy, performance, comfort and "family" adaptability while essentially using it to commute my 40km each way to work in the country. I realised quickly that I don't actually need a SUV, even though they are marketed very heavily, and perhaps for no apparent reason.

I frequently get stuck behind trucks, caravans, farmer's utes and tractors, and have limited overtaking opportunity, so I needed something that is punchy and overtakes easily with short notice - to prevent a 25 minute commute becoming a 40 minute one! The "get up and go" in this car is excellent. It's fast off the mark, with great acceleration, while being very quiet. I would compare it to the smaller Skoda Octavia RS 169 with the Golf GTI motor. I drove the RS 245 and it's almost as quick and sporty. That's inspiring!

From the first drive of the standard LT sedan, it impressed me. The RS is a refined sportier version with far better seats, especially regarding driver adjustability. The economy on the freeway is exceptional, returning around 7-7.5 litres per 100 kilometres and it varies between about 7.8 and 8.9L/100km up the hills and when I put the foot in a bit more! Push-button start is fantastic, the centre console has loads of room and the steering wheel feels fantastic.

I love that it looks Euro; it's an eye catcher and everyone seems to glance at it. It's significantly classier-looking than the Holden of the past. It has significant boot space, cabin room and back seats for child seating. It's not that much smaller than the last Aussie wagon model. The kids love the drink holders between seats and the USB port in the back.

I didn't want much "technology" and this car hits the mark. I can turn off lane control, park assist, the engine cutouts when stopped, or everything if I want, all at the simple push of a button. I can shut off some of the sounds and beeps, which is a feature I love!

Tyres are very good Continentals as standard; 245's. They handle brilliantly. Cabin noise is acceptable, albeit slightly noisier than I would have wanted but it's by no means loud.

I would've liked for it to have come with floor mats but I've purchased these after the fact (along with boot liner), which for the price I'm not phased about.

The fixed roof rails are super strong and I've fitted some Thule brand racks for our bikes. They fitted so easily and snug and are compact and look brilliant. If you're a cyclist, they're a must!

The car is a sleeper; it looks like a family wagon of a sportier kind, but it's a real performance machine.

There are not many downsides, but I can think of the below;

  • Tiny glovebox, much smaller than I imagined.
  • Perhaps too many shiny surfaces in dash and cabin - it shows dust easily!
  • The duco is a nice finish but seems so much harder to clean than my previous car for bugs!
  • A GPS unit would be good, and infotainment system is relatively basic.

Would I recommend one? Absolutely. It's a brilliant car, and I recommend a demo - mine had 7000km on the clock, 2019 compliance and cost $27,000. Try finding a better car; it's impossible.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the car.