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2018 Holden Commodore RS review

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This is my first Holden. I have previously never considered one. Call me names, but I thought the Australian made cars were shoddily built and I remember my brother owning one in the 90's that came with a 3 month warranty when brand new and fell to pieces on the fourth.

Maybe the later cars were better but my rental car experiences of Commodores and Falcons were unconvincing.

Most people in the motor trade refuse to acknowledge this model as a Commodore. Visiting places like AutoOne have the sales people sneering at me, "That ain't no Commodore mate."

That's fine with me and maybe Holden now needs to focus on a different market segment.

A ZB review in this forum actually influenced my buy. I thank the gentlemen who wrote it, as the car is exactly as good as he described. The auto is very smooth, the performance very good, and the consumption on ULP95 is not that much.

The car has already saved me from rear-ending someone. I drove from Sydney to Melbourne and it was fatigue free. It is a joy to drive and all you guys who scorn this car as not a real Commodore are missing out.

There are not many choices if you are looking for a wagon of this size and not want a SUV (like me). My friends are impressed with the interior, although I think it is bit bland. The boot is humongous.

The driver's seat in my car is electric, and the other little touches like puddle lights and the remote "kick under the bumper" tailgate are great to have. If there is one want I would have liked, it would have been the option for a panoramic sunroof (like in the Calais V).

However not all is perfect: the touch screen needs a better resolution and a bit more sensitivity. I am still getting used to the car's extremities as I came from Forester and I now sit lower. The tyre roar on some surfaces could be a bit more subdued. Sat-nav could have been included in the price, but Android Auto is good enough.

If you are sitting on the fence I say it is worth a test drive. Finally this Commodore/Insignia scored very highly in the European reliability ratings. I got a 7-year warranty, which also helped tip the balance. Finally, this is still one of the better selling cars in this (diminishing) segment, so the availability of parts should not be a problem (just ask anyone who owns other European cars).